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Agent Application
Join Conditions
Can independently assume civil liability of legal entities.
With ongoing business capacity, regional advantages, and a good business communication channels.
Be understand and familiar with Chinaexporter's products, services and operational procedures for registration.
Can be an independent legal service to open the Notes.
(Enterprise application requires the submission of business license, ID card copy of the legal representative and company profile)

Join Step
1.Submit agency application form
Submit your information, including company name, company profile, company website, company address, contact the responsible personnel. You can download the agency form or contact us.(022-83909220)
2. Recognized agency status
We will apply the information you have submitted, the Chinaexporter responsible for local regional manager will discuss and consultate with you to make you understand the proxy policies and price system, and provides more detailed information.
3. Signed agency agreement
4. Completed agency application

Chinaexporter Investment Application Form

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