• Inquiry about Copper Cathodes 99.99%
  • Dear Sir/Madam,We are looking for 3000 M/Tons of Copper Cathodes on LME DiscountPricing of less 15%, FOB Steinweg Wareho
  • 2017-09-07 17:54     
  • Inquiry about Anthracite coal
  • Dear Sir/Madam,We are looking for Anthracite coal for steam boilers. Our requirement is 40 MT per month. We can purchase
  • 2017-09-01 17:32     
  • Inquiry about Anthracite coal
  • Dear Sir/Madam,We are looking for Anthracite coal for steam boilers. Our requirement is 40 MT per month.We can purchase
  • 2017-08-30 09:58     
  • Inquiry about Coal
  • Dear Sir/Madam,We have an urgent demand for Coal, with the following specs: 1- Quantity: 50,000 MT +/- 10% in Sellers o
  • 2017-08-01 10:31     
  • Inquiry about MATERIAL GRAPHITE
  • Dear Sir/Madam,Please see the below detail and offer your best Competitive Price along with short lead time, and also pl
  • 2017-07-18 10:47     
  • Inquiry about coal
  • Dear Sir/Madam,I represent an export company here in the USA, which asked me to get them a firm quote for 50,000 MT of c
  • 2017-07-03 10:19     
  • Inquiry about copper scrap
  • Dear Sir/Madam,We would like to import copper scrap to india. trial order of 25 MT.Please send me some information about
  • 2017-05-23 13:45     
  • Inquiry about mill scale
  • Dear Sir/Madam,We are looking to purchase large quantities of mill scale, a by product of the steel milling process. Bas
  • 2017-03-09 09:56     
  • Inquiry about zinc dust
  • Dear Sir/Madam,I'm Chinese , by internet I searched your email , we want to buy zinc dust , zinc ash , zinc concentrate
  • 2017-03-02 11:06     
  • Inquiry about aluminum ingots
  • Dear Sir/Madam,Weve called you just now.My name is Tamara. I represent the Russian Aluminum plant Zvetlit (Saransk, Russ
  • 2017-03-02 10:42     
  • Inquiry about aluminium sphere
  • Dear Sir/Madam,Please send me a quotation for 100 units of aluminium sphere with a radius of 75 mm.I really want to know
  • 2017-02-21 10:39     
  • Inquiry about 201-Cu product
  • Dear Sir/Madam,My name is Nguyen Tuan Tu, I represent for purchase deparment at Posco VST (Viet Nam).Posco VST has highl
  • 2017-02-10 15:00     
  • Inquiry about Chalco ATH
  • Dear Sir/Madam,This is Danesh Negah Afrooz company, a trader one in Iran.We are interested in Chalco ATH products.We app
  • 2016-12-27 11:03     
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