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Inquiry about gear reducer and pumping unit components

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Dear Sir/Madam,

You are kindly requested to consider the possibility to supply us with the following gear reducers and assembly units for pumping units:
The set:
Gear reducer, type and size C80, C114, C160, C228, C320, C456 assembled with brake, pulley, and cranks.
Big ends (with fasteners) – 2 pcs.
Counterweights (with fasteners) – 4 pcs.
Would you please inform us about price and time of delivery. Approximate quantity of every set – 50 pcs.
Gear reducers and all other assembly units supplied shall be manufactured in compliance with requirements of API Spec 11E, 19th edition, 2013.
Gear reducers shall have API 11E certificates with validity period not less than up to 2018.
You are also asked to inform us about the price of every assembly unit separately:
- Gear reducer assembled with pulley and brake
- Set of cranks (2 pcs.)
- Set of big ends (with fasteners) – 2 pcs.
- Set of counterweights (with fasteners) – 4 pcs.
Also you are kindly asked to send us sketches with connection dimensions of supplied assembly units, and terms of delivery.

Thank you and best regards,
Maria Istomina Quote
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