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new twin screw extruder manufactured
Posted on: 2012-06-22        Hits: 2786        Back to List
This extruder can be used in pipe production line, plastic profile production line, plastic sheet production line, plastic board production line, plastic modified granulation.
it features gentle molding design guarantees the quality of the matter.
very much dependable valid design theory guarantee the dependable operation of extruding. the special big torque drive system, gear tooth and shaft are high intensity alloy steel, and are treated by the cementite and tooth grinding.
the fresh development screw may be applicable to the dispensation having great amount of padding, and guarantee the degree of filling up and the optimum stuff runs distributing of material in sscrew
screw with core temperature regulation unit and well barrel cool guarantee the exact control of technology temperature of material.
matching with different standard of pipe die and auxiliary device, it is used to extrude different pipe, plate, profile and soft and rigid pvc granulation.