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Bio metric market embracing great change----review and hot spot analysis of bio metric market

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Note: Chinas bio metric industry enjoys 40% annual growth rate with the overall economy development. Influenced by the depress
China’s bio metric industry enjoys 40% annual growth rate with the overall economy development. Influenced by the depression of macroeconomic environment during 2011-2012, bio metric industry also could not be immune to it and many enterprises faced severer challenges. The market information in 2013 had interested bio metric enterprises, that was, iphone 5s was equipped with fingerprint sensor, which rose share price of many bio metric enterprises. The interference of Apple Incorporate would promote the branch of bio metric field development.

Market recovery

In 2012, not only domestic but foreign bio metric industry market as well suffered a downturn so that many enterprises had to adjust market focus and strategy due to the decrease of domestic demand and international order. Fortunately, bio metric market gradually recovered that international orders began increasing and domestic demand also recovered. Two kind of products, fingerprint lock ( fingerprint door lock, fingerprint safe, fingerprint gun cabinet,etc) and face recognition access control &attendance , were the main stream of bio metric business market. The application of police system(criminal investigation, monitoring, police app) and Internet and IT information security ranked next to that two kind products, taking a considerable market share. Besides police system, face recognition developed fast in business intelligent monitoring and analysis system. Domestic application integrator learned foreign application in media analysis, consumer crowed monitoring and so forth, and formed a new direction of face recognition system.

One thing should be mentioned was Apple Inc. confirmed the fingerprint application before iphone 5s was launched. Apple Inc. launched iphone 5s, iphone 5C in September, and iphone 5s installed fingerprint sensor , which produced great influence in bio metric industry. As one industry insider said:” the most great bio metric products in 2013 appeared---- iphone 5s.”

By far, the significance of Apple Inc involved in bio metric industry was far from boosted the confidence of clients and promoted the market development of bio metric industry.

The fingerprint sensor introduced by Apple Inc not only interested the intelligent mobile portable device producers( mobile phone, table PC, laptop), but also stimulated the demand of fingerprint recognition products fingerprint lock, Fingerprint Time Attendance,Access Control Equipment.At the same time, related fingerprint products both in domestic and foreign market enjoyed a good market before the launch of iphone 5s . It was estimated that the growth rate of related fingerprint products was reached 3%.

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