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Biological microscope ML31

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Brand: MSHOT
型号: ML31
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2018-05-03 14:12
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Company Detail
 Biological microscope ML31 is a high quality biological microscope equipment with infinity optical system and LED light. The biological microscope takes use of high quality plan achromatic objectives. Peformance comparable with Olympus CX23. Internal fixed 0.5X C mount adapter can improve microscope imaging quality. It is idea for laboratory microscopy purpose of biological tissue and slides. Widely used at univerisity, research institute, bilogical center, etc.


  • Adopt infinity optical system.  
  • Binocular and trinocular head are optional.
  • Takes use of high contrast plan achromatic objectives. 
  • Light source cover is detachable. 
  • 0.001mm minimum accuracy fine and coarse focusing.
  • High eye point eyepiece with diopter. 
  • Internal 0.5X c-mount adapter.

  • Infinity optical system offers clear and bright observation.
  • Trinocular head supports microscope camera.
  • Can upgrade to dark field,  phase-contrast and epi fluorescence.
  • High eyepoint eyepiece provides comfortable observation.
  • Accuracte focus system produce the most optimal view.
  • High-quality images and wide field of view.


  • Excellent optical sytem offer super quality image comparable with Olympus CX23.
  • Improve observing accuracy by 0.001mm fine focusing.
  • High eyepoint and adjustable diopter provide comfortable looking for glasses-wearers.
  • Light cover can be taken offer directly, easy for user to replac lamp.
  • 0.5X internal fixed C-mount adapter, when looking on PC, users can get most synchronous and real size as eyepiece.
  • Save cost in the future and provide more upgrading choice.

1.Simple open light soruce cover to replac LED lamp.              2.  Low postioned stage control system.


3. Eyepiece diopter 5 degrees adjustable.                                         4. User friendly design of power.


Parameters :

Optical system

Infinity optical system

Observation head

Trinocular,inclination of 30°, interpupillary distance 48mm-75mm


 Wide field view WF10 / FN.22mm , high eyepoint, diopter 5 degrees adjustable 


Quadruple backward 


Infinity plan achromatic 4X ,10 ,40 ,100 (oil)


Abbey condenser  NA1.25


Coaxial coarse and fine with limit and locking devices, low coaxial focus adjusting handle, fine adjusting handle scale value 0.001mm,

coarse focusing circle range 37.7mm, fine focusing circle range 0.1mm, focusing moving range 24mm


Double layer mechanical stage, graphite surface size 216×150mm,moving range 75mm×55mm

Kohler illumination

External detachable LED light source, 3W/LED

Power light 

AC 100-240V  50-60HZ  output 4.3V   Max:0-750mA adjustable

Digital adapter 

0.5X C-mount adapter

Optional accessories


Observation head

Binocular head,inclination of 30° interpupillary distance 48mm-75mm


Wide field WF16X/F.N.15mm  

Wide field WF20/F.N.12mm  

Wide field WF10/F.N. 22mm


Quintuple backward  

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