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MI12 inverted phase contrast microscope

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Brand: MSHOT
型号: MI12
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2018-05-03 14:12
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Company Detail
 MI12 inverted phase contrast microscope adopts excellent infinity optical system, it equipment with long working distance plan objectives and wide field eyepiece. The microscope body is stable and rigidity with anti-shock. The swing-in and swing-out type condenser can achieve non-contaminated cultured cells microscope observation in the high culture dish or the cylindrical flask.

MI12 inverted phase contrast ergonomics design makes the operation convenient and comfortable in a wider space.  It  is applicable in the micro observation of cells tissue and transparent liquid tissue as well dynamic observation of culture tissue in the culture dish. This inverted biological microscope is widely used in the fields including scientific institute, universities, medical and health center, inspection and quarantine, agriculture and dairy farming, etc.


  • Adopt excellent infinity optical system.
  • Employ trinocular head.
  • Equipped with long working distance objectives.
  • Standard equipment with 10 phase contrast objctive, 20 and 40 is optional.
  • Long working distance condenser. 
  • Can add fluorescence illuminaion B,G, UV.

  • Excellent infinity optical system provides high-quality images.
  • The plan achromatic objectives and wide field eyepiece offer wide and clear field of view.
  • Phase contrast obejctve and condenser is designer for live cell observing.
  • Can upgrade to LED fluorescence easily.


  • View is clear and clarity.
  • Users can see live cells hold in cultures easily.
  • Free upgrading to fluorescence by users' need and cut down budget in the future.
  • Good phase contrast performance.
  • Support connect with camera and software to analysis on PC.


Parameters :


Wide field WF10(field number:22mm)

Centering telescope

Infinity and long working distance plan achromatic objective


PLL 100.25 WD: 4.3 mm, cover glass thickness:1.2mm

PLL 200.40 WD: 8.0 mm, cover glass thickness:1.2mm.

PLL 400.65 WD:3.5 mm, cover glass thickness:1.2mm.

Phase Contrast Objective

PLL 100.25 PHP2  WD:4.3 mm, cover glass thickness:1.2mm.


Observation tube

45° inclined, interpupillary distance 53~75mm.


Focusing system

Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, tensional adjustable, with adjustment limit stop, minimum graduation in fine movement: 2μm.



Quintuple nosepiece



Fixed stage overall size is 227mmX208mm


Glass rotundity stage overall size is Ф118mm


Mechanical moving device, moving range is 77mm (longitudinal)X114mm (transverse)


Culture dish holder 1

Inside locating slot size: 86mm (W)X129.5mm (L), optional with a circular culture dish Ф87.5mm


Culture dish holder 2

Inside locating slot size: 34mm (W)X77.5mm (L), optional with a circular culture dish Ф68.5mm


Culture dish holder 3

Inside locating slot size::57mm (W)X82mm (L)


Condenser system

Long working distance condenser, working distance: 55mm, and with turnplate phase contrast unit


Illumination system

6V30W halogen, brightness adjustable



Frosted glass and blue , green filter


MI12 Inverted Biological Microscope Optional accessories:


Graduated eyepiece(field number:22mm) 0.10mm/Div

Phase Contrast Objective

PL  L20/0.40  PHP2 Work distance:8.0 mm

PL   L40/0.60 PHP2 Work distance:3.5 mm


Sextuple nosepiece

CCD Adapter

0.5X C-mount adapter

1X C-mount adapter

Digital camera

MD 50-T/MDX1-T/MDX4-T CMOS Cameras

MC150/MC20-N CCD Cameras


Video camera

DV-1Video output(380/520 TV line),USB output(0.42 megapixels)


DV-2 with USB output(1.0/2.0/3.0 megapixels)


DV-3 with Video output(380/520 TV line)


MD/MC series digital cameras

Camera adapter

Canon, Nikon, Olympus SLR etc.

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