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Leveling Range   ±5°(by Electronic Vial Sensor)
Horizontal Accuracy   ±30"
Slope(Y-Axis)   ±5°
Zenith   ±30"
Vertical Accuracy   ±30"
Working Radius(with Laser Detector LS-6)   120m ( w.Detector LS-6)
Rotating Speed   120-700rpm
Operating Duration   Approx.20 Hours(w.Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries) or 40 Hours(w.regular Alkaline Batteries)
Remote Control Range   ≤30m(Model RL-1000 w. Alkaline Batteries AAA)
Scanning Range   10°~48°
Laser Source   Laser Diode:635nm,Class Ⅱ:<1mw
Circular Bubble   2°/2mm
Power Supply   Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries or Alkaline Batteries:Optional
Operating Temperature   -0°C~+50°C
Standard Accessories Laser Detector (w.clamp) LS-6,Remote Control RL-1000,User Manual,Laser Glasses,Laser Target,Universal Adaptor
Recommended Tripod   Please refer to "Tripods":Aluminum Elevator Tripod(Laser Tripod)
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