Hand-painting, art painting rolls, paper carving art, creative arts roll, roll circles, corrugated p

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Brand: Heart Music
型号: H-18
规格: many
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: 50 set
Supply 100000 set
Delivery: Shipment within 2 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2017-06-02 14:08
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Company Detail

Shanghai heart music production and supply plastic painting company, painting collage, colored sand painting, sand art painting, color painting clay, flower mud painting, powder painting, art flash art, painting Symphony, Symphony of Chinese knot, through the luster painting, light painting wind chimes, pearl paint, beads of color painting, DIY small, ceramic-free soil, well calligraphy, Chinese knots, flocking watercolor painting, silk painting, crystal sticker, digital paintings, wood paintings, silk fabric painting, butterfly painting, puppet painting, piggy banks, light frame, color hanging three, DIY murals, painting pen, art egg, hand-magnetic sticker, photo frame hand inks, plaster painting, polymer clay series , three-dimensional puzzle, Facebook and other DIY toys and art paints.

Roll paper art painting, also known as Li, Article painted paper, piece of paper rolled up is different shapes and then combined into different shapes, ; can will note Volume folded circle, triangle, diamond, square, heart-shaped and other small "part", according to design good graphics, fight 'put three-dimensional picture pasted into the .

Roll painting suitable for the performance of various figures, animal forms and still life, floral patterns, and drawing convenience, simple techniques, making it suitable for children to learn production.

Shanghai is the heart of Le

DIY hand-painted professional supplier, not only common type of DIY hand-painted toy with the cash, but also according to customer requirements DIY hand-painted. The company sells flexible, in addition to Arts roll technique painting, paper sculpture art, creative arts roll, roll circles, corrugated paper , toy industry, the company also supply other DIY hand-painted toys, welcome negotiations.

Contact: Xiao Qian


021-51085038 , 26722231


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- mail : a786482800 @ foxmail. com


http:// www.x i nlediy. com

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