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Low Self Discharge High Power Lithium Battery Cells Er18505 For Heat Meter

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Brand: HCB
Price: 1000.00USD/Piece
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2017-06-19 17:29
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Low Self Discharge High Power Lithium Battery Cells Er18505 For Heat Meter



Nominal Capacity 4000mAh
Battery discharged at continuous current 2.0mA until voltage reaches cut-off voltage 2.0V at ambient temperature 23±2
Nominal Voltage 3.6 V
Maximum Continuous Current 150mA
Battery with minimum 50% rated capacity discharged at ambient temperature 23±2
Maximum Pulse Discharge Current 300mA
Battery with minimum 50% rated capacity discharged at max pulse for 3 seconds after 27seconds break. Ambient temperature 23±2
Storage Condition

Temperature ≤ 30

Humidity ≤ 75%RH

Operating Temperature -55 to +85
Battery Dimension See drawing on pag
Max Weight 31.0g
Self-discharge Rate 2%
Max self-discharged rate at ambient temperature 23±2
Shelf Life 10 years
Ambient temperature 23±2



1. Battery Characteristic


  • High Voltage

Each cell nominal voltage up to 3.6V, the working voltage varies with the load, generally between 3.3V ~ 3.6V

  • High Energy Density

We provide the specific energy density up to 464Wh/kg

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range

We provide a wide operating temperature range, from -55 to +85

  • Stable Operating Voltage

Stable operating voltage, more than 90% of the capacity could be output with a fixed voltage

  • Long Shelf Life

The battery self-discharge less than 2% per year at room temperature


Battery sealing using the fully sealed structure to reduce the leakage of the battery, make the battery can be stored at room temperature for more than 10 years


2. Main Applications


  • Infrastructures

Automatic meters (water meter, electric meter, gas meter), conventional meters, etc.

  • Oil & gas

Well pressure meters in high temperature, float meter, logging while drilling (LWD), measure while drilling (MWD), etc.

  • Medical devices

Cardiac pacemaker, respirator, oxygenator, inspection devices, monitoring devices, infusion pump, etc.


3. Manufacturing Advantages


  • Advanced automatic technology is used in HCB;
  • Excellent control of passivation;
  • We can produce high power, high capacity or high temperature batteries and so on;
  • Providing multiple cascade and parallel connecting ways and combining suggestions;
  • We have designed multiple safety solutions for Li-SOCl2 Battery.
  • We have more than 20 years experience in the industrial technology of Li-SOCl2 batteries.


4. Company Advantages


  • GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 is HCB quality management system standard;
  • GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001:2004 is HCB Environment Management System standard;
  • We have much experience in dro test package;
  • The goods can be transported very safely because we can provide the report for the customers reference;
  • The CE certificate can be given to you if required;
  • The Rosh certificate can be given to you if required;
  • The UL certificate can be given to you if required;


5. FAQS of General Safety Instructions


  • Is it possible to store the battery in moist environment?


The Battery should be stored in dry environment.


  • If you have children at home, what should you pay attention when we use our battery?


You need to keep battery out of the children. Please call to a physician immediately if it is swallowed by children.


  • If the batteries are closed to the fire, what may happen?


The batteries may be incinerated or mutilated if they are closed to the fire and it leads a possible burst or they may release the toxic materials.


  • If the positive and negative polarity of a battery is directly connected, what will happen?


If + and - polarity of battery is connected directly, it causes a short circuit and this may lead toxic gas and materials leakage or a big rupture.


  • Can the batteries be mixed to use on different electrochemical system, grades or brands?


When changing batteries be aware that batteries of different electrochemical system, grades, or brands should be not mixed. If different batteries are used or in case of using old and new batteries together this can discharge batteries due to different voltage or capacity. This can cause toxic material or gas leakage and/or violent rupture.


  • Is it able to solder the batteries together directly?


In this case the battery can be damaged by the heat. This can lead short circuit and a toxic material or gas leakage and/or violent rupture.


  • Is it workable to charge the primary batteries?


The primary batteries can’t be charged. This can cause gas leakage and will lead to violent rupture or fire.

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