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1.East Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd focus oncosmetic packaging,color boxes and color cardsx19cebfen,Gift bag custom,printing and packaging company and other areas of service. We alway adhered to the business philosophy of "Customer first, Keep improving"and focus on supplying the paper shopping bags with highest quality . 2.East Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd is specialized in 原材料,包装,包装服务 since established in 2000-07-25 at 2000-07-25. So far,our company has established its branch companies in major cities throughout the country.Formed in Dongguan city,Dongguan City area as the center, the radiation sales system and service network.Details:If you are engaged in product design, and then so love their career, then you will certainly be in such a contradiction. Each designer will have experienced such a first time, is the first time in the store to see their own products on the shelves of the display, the heart of the share of joy, excitement is certainly difficult to use language to describe, and Unforgettable. So many designers in their favorite positions, work conscientiously, obscure dedication of their own years. In the design of the sketch, the designers tend to have a sense of inspiration. At that time must be discussed with the structural room engineers to discuss its feasibility, taking full account of the existing problems, see if there is room for modification, will not affect the design Of the original intention, I designed the new six god shower gel bottle shape is produced in such a situation, and its biggest advantage is a fully embodied in the cap on the new platform, that is, "experience fresh", so Become a bright spot. And confirmed the process is very smooth, won the companys upper and lower consensus. As a designer, simply completed a design work is far from enough, naturally will fall into a kind of thinking, will be aware of some of the design outside of things. From their own personal design experience, deeply appreciate: modern packaging design is a culture-based, life-based, modern-oriented design disciplines. It can be divided into three levels: First, mainly refers to the design of cultural elements of the material carrier, it has a material, basic, volatile characteristics. Such as packaging design and packaging design products, the exchange of goods and consumers in the use of packaged products in the consumer behavior and so on. Second, the packaging design organization system layer. This is the middle of the design culture, but also the interior of the design culture of materialization. It has a strong era and continuity: the main coordination of the design system between the elements of the relationship between the normative design behavior and judge, correct the design of the organizational system. Data show that the worlds packaging design culture more advanced countries have their own relatively complete organizational system. While the packaging design culture is relatively backward country, the organization system is not complete. Third, the concept of packaging design layer. It is a cultural and psychological state, it can also be considered a cultural sense of the level. It is at the core and leadership position, is the design system elements of all activities based on the basis and basis. The development of science and technology, the improvement of productive forces and the progress of culture, brought about the impact of packaging design culture, mainly in the production and life concepts, values, thinking, aesthetic concepts, moral ethics, national psychology and so on. It is the most stable part of the design culture structure, but also the soul of the design culture, it exists in the human heart, and the development of change, and ultimately directly or indirectly in the organizational system level performance. And thus provide their own development and laws, absorption, transformation or rejection of heterogeneous cultural elements, around the design culture of the development trend. The above three aspects, related to each other, the formation of a system, constitute a packaging design culture of the organic whole. The material layer is the most active, it changes, exchanges, convenient and frequent. At the same time, the development of packaging design culture is always reflected in its body. Such as the country is now open, in the study of foreign advanced technology, culture and technology, the infiltration of foreign products is playing the leader of this cultural shock; in the market, product packaging replacement, endless, similar products between the extraordinarily competitive fierce. The organizational system is the most authoritative factor, which stipulates that the overall nature of the packaging design culture is an important link in the design of the group relationship, and it is the guarantee that the packaging design can be scientifically and effectively implemented. This level should be composed of a set of internal standards system, thus becoming a packaging designer in the design activities of the yardstick. And different design ideas will bring different behavior and social results, recognize the new environment imposed on us in the new requirements, and to meet the new requirements in line with such new ideas, new ideas and new means, which is the design concept New height. The three are interdependent, intertwined, interpenetrated, and fused and reflected in each of the specific packaging design activities and design works. People who have been engaged in design work will feel that life is full of design, a cup, a handle, a road ... ... sometimes, the designer seems to be more like an inventor, to bring people convenient, practical and beautiful. A competent designer should control the "artistic sense" in a very appropriate level, the effect of "just right" is the successful design. 3.Having been sustained and stable growth, we always adhere to the scientific and humane management philosophy of making the best use of men and material and providing the best service wholeheartedly. Attach importance to a marketing idea of low profit brin
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