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1.East Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd is a Super value gift box designx19cebfencompany in China, was founded in 2000-07-25, and named asEast Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd, its headquartered in 东莞市厚街镇厚街村新南环路段. 2.East Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd is specialized in 原材料,包装,包装服务 since established in 2000-07-25 at 2000-07-25. So far,our company has established its branch companies in major cities throughout the country.Formed in Dongguan city,Dongguan City area as the center, the radiation sales system and service network.Details:Gift box how to enhance the value of the product, in the case of fierce competition in the Chinese market, in addition to product quality outside the packaging appearance of the image industry is very important, it may be the product of the process characteristics, then for the product has What are the characteristics of the process? 1, gift box program plan exactly what is necessary to contact with the structure of the program together, assuming that the structure can be produced in advance to know the picture printing bundles, stickers labels, vacuum aluminum composite bag. This product is a representative of fashion and high technology, is the general print business has a very different, is a dynamic picture with vitality. 2, as customers to promote the image of goods and shopping malls and the excellent way to tell the media, play a useful effect to attract the eye. And a number of picture changes in the picture or magic are flash, giving a dream of dynamic feelings, advertising effect together, appreciate the effect of strong. 3, although the product can play a shelf-life effect, but the simple broken, so the box must play an excellent support effect. 4, in addition to the primary support, in the construction of material selection, should pay attention to both the satisfaction of delivery needs, so that the structure of strong, but also with the display function. The above content is the gift box has the craft characteristics, hoping to deepen your understanding of the product. If you are interested in this product, then as a professional manufacturer of East Color Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. will be your best choice, welcome to come to buy! 3.Adhering to "people-oriented, integrity as foundation" business purposes to service for customers wholeheartedly, East Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd forges ahead, developing by technology, improving management efficiency, strengthening the quality ofEast Color brand, to stand firm on the
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