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the reason why you should choosetopfinelbathroom mat

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   Yongkang City Ordinary Trade Limited Compa focus onbathroom mat,curtain for bedroomx1d6999en,pillowcase,cushion and other areas of service. We alway adhered to the business philosophy of "Customer first, Keep improving"and focus on supplying the floor mat with highest quality .

Yongkang City Ordinary Trade Limited Compa adhere to the continuous technical innovation , continue to create topfinel value for our customers.PuFan have branches inSichuan Province,Chongqing,Chengdu City,Yibin City and other cities , and all staff focus on Good after-sale bathroom mat industry innovation and development;and we rely on the growing of floor mat second to none innovative practice ability to win the majority of customers trust and cooperation. details:

The bathroom mat is not anti-skid? What's going on?

The bathroom mat is not antiskid because it was not selected when it was purchased, and most of the goods now have quality problems.

Bathroom most water embellish is room place, which is the most slippery places, therefore, when choosing, usable hand touch the front of the mat, choose high quality wool material, give a person with soft, soft feeling.

The back of the bath mat, can choose anti-slide PVC materials, rubber materials, such as environmental protection of PVC material, good skid resistance, rubber mat and poor drainage, fast, and tough, durable, beautiful, long service life and antiskid function is better.

Bath mat environment because it is wet, therefore, must always wash it, superfine fiber and coconut fiber and rubber flocking material mat is easier to clean, but skid resistance.

Know the anti - slip mat characteristic of each material, also be advantageous to choose and buy. Here are some features of the anti-slip mat.

Nylon: good wear resistance, easy to clean, but easy to deform, easy to produce static electricity, the fire will dissolve local.

Polyester: resistance to abrasion is next to jinlun, heat resistance and sundry.

Polypropylene: light weight, good elasticity and high strength; Abundant raw materials, good wear resistance and low price.

Acrylic: soft, warm and elastic; Soft texture, soft color, not easy to lose hair, the back has a stop - slip design; But the water absorption is not strong, the wear resistance is poor.

Pure cotton: pure cotton material with good water absorption; Material plasticity is good, can make different stereo design change, clean very convenient; It can be used with anti-slip mat.

Ultrafine fiber: water absorption is 1.5 to 2 times of pure cotton and 1/10 of fiber. The tactile feeling is more soft than pure cotton, the fiber density is very small, not easy to adhere to dirty, maintain clean more convenient.

Coconut fiber: recycled from natural coconut fiber; Environmentally durable, natural color and color printing; It can effectively remove the sand of the sole, it is dirty and easy to clean.

Rubber flocking: good drainage, durable, durable, beautiful, long service life; It has both the anti-slip function and can effectively help to scrape the sand and sand.

   With the constantly updating of technology, PuFanadheres to the principle of strength casts brand and providing satisfying service. We are full of enthusiasm to meet the challenges of this new era. For more information on draparyorsheer curtains, please visit:
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