Wholesale brown refractory 50 light weight casting paper tube

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Min.Order: 1000
Supply 10000
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Address: China
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Wholesale brown refractory 50 light weight casting paper tube is our company's latest invention. It is  a green ,environmental protection, energy-saving product, and is an ideal replacement of ceramic sprue tube. Through many years of repeated practice ,the company’s professional r&d teams and xi 'an Jiao tong university’s  experts invent the refractory tube pipe . It is mainly used in lost foam casting, mold casting, the traditional sand casting, coated  sand casting etc. The paper sprue tube for casting can improve castings quality, reduce scrap, improve the quality of reclaimed sand, reduce work intensity. It is a domestic initiative  , and it will be a revolution in the light weight paper tube.

Main advantages:

1. Light weight, easy to cut, high strength, easy to connect with foamy sprue;

2. Reduce the amount of metal residues in pouring system and reduce the chance of turbulent flow when casting.

3. High temperature strength, prevent sand and eliminate sand.

4. High refractoriness, strong anti-scouring ability, not react with  metal liquid.

5. Eliminate the black spots of casting, reduce and avoid the formation of carbon deposition and wrinkle defects.

6. Reduce the occurrence rate of "anti-spray" , cased by lost foam casting aerification .

7. Reduce the heat loss of metal liquid and prevent premature carcassing in the casting process.

8. Energy saving and environmental protection, improve the quality of reclaimed sand, and it is an  ideal substitution of ceramic sprue tube for casting.

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