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auto blindsMost recognized electric venetian blinds,preferred Motorblinds

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Price: 200.00USD/
Supply 500
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Address: Romania
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Mardo MOTORBLINDSis a company with auto blinds Word of mouth rankings,battery operated blinds motorandmotorized venetian blinds as the main business. We are committed to providing quality service of electric blinds motor. Mardo MOTORBLINDSwas established in 10 years ago, As a company with a high sense of social responsibility, Mardohas established a high reputation for superior quality and expertise in motorised vertical blindsfield

   Mardo MOTORBLINDSis committed to the continuous improvement of theauto blindsservice, become a society, customers, shareholders and employees long-term trust of the company. Our Company adhering to pirit of for the sake of customers, and win-win with customers , and through Mardo staff continuous innovation and development to provide first-class Service is better automatic window blinds,Better service electric venetian blinds,Industry leading electric venetian blinds,electric vertical blinds Use guide for enterprises , is what we have been working for. Details:4.Installation method of electric vertical blinds:1. Before installing, check that the size and size of the electric vertical blinds are up to the standard design requirements, so as not to fail to install.2. When preparing for construction, check whether the tools needed for installation are in place, such as steel tape measure, horizontal tube, screwdriver, towing wire board and percussion drill, etc., and then determine the installation lines of doors and windows according to the design drawings of the preparation for construction. The elevation is then determined according to the standard of the horizontal line.3. After the size of the decorated electric vertical blinds hole is determined according to the standard size, the various firmware and arrangement position of the electric vertical blinds are checked one by one, and whether the operating device of the electric vertical blinds conforms to the living habits of the owner.4. When installing, we should also check whether the surface of the electric vertical blindss is smooth and smooth, whether the color is even, whether the leaves have cracks, pockmarks or obvious bruises and rough phenomena. After installation, they should be checked again. See if the electric vertical blinds fittings are in place.

   With the rapid development of business simultaneously, Mardo always keeps the balance between external opportunities and internal management, attaching great importance to the training and shaping of core competitiveness. The company will take customer service value as the core competitiveness of enterprises. Adhering to spirit of enterprise:acting with integrity , pursuit of excellence, respect for the individual , Mardostrives to provide customers with Good reputation motorized window blindsx2fcf12en. More details in the Mardoofficial website:
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