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Low Temperature and Edible Soybean Meal Production Line

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Brand: 100-1000t/d
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: 2019-06-07
Updated on: 2018-12-07 17:19
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Company Detail
Soybean Meal Production Line

Soybean meal has high requirements for fat content, powder fineness, color and NSI value because it is extensively used as raw materials for production of SPC, SPI, histone and wiredrawing protein. We provide various soybean intensive processing lines, one of which is suitable for production of low temperature soybean meal.

1. Raw Materials: soybeans
2. Products: low temperature soybean meal (white soybean flake) (NSI is greater than 85%), soybean oil 
3. Applications
Low temperature soybean meal (white flake) is widely used for production of soybean proteins such as SPI, SPC (protein content: higher than 50 percent, fat content: 0.5 percent)
4. Production Process

Cleaning, classifying, peeling, low temperature treatment, degreasing, desolventizing at lower temperature and low-temperature vacuum drying
5. Workshops (Production Sections)
Soybeans warehouse, cleaning and classifying workshop, low-temperature dehulling workshop, extraction and low-temperature desolventizing workshop, packing workshop and auxiliary workshops.

500t/d soybean intensive processing line in Russia
500t/d soybean intensive processing line in Russia

Process Workflow

Soybean Warehousing Section → Soybean Cleaning and Classifying Section → Low Temperature Dehulling Section → Soy Extraction and Low Temperature Desolventizing Section

(1) Soybean Warehouse
Devices: soybeans unloading machine, preliminary cleaner, steel silo, elevator, conveyor, electrical control equipment, other auxiliary devices
Raw Materials: soybeans
Capacity: 100-1000t/24h soybeans
Full-mechanized operation is accomplished during soybeans transportation process, which significantly reduces production cost. To improve soybeans purity, we will remove large grained impurities and dust out of soybeans before putting them into relevant silos. The warehouse is equipped with machines, which are designed to aromatically put soybeans into silos, take soybeans out of silos and change soybeans silos.

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