YAMAHA original new ZS8MM Feeder KLJ-MC100-004

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Model: ZS8MM
P/N: KLJ-MC100-004
Weight: 2 kgs
Price: 1500.00USD/pcs
Min.Order: 1 pcs
Supply 6000 pcs
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: 2019-12-07
Updated on: 2019-01-20 11:09
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Company Detail

we also supply the below parts:

KLJ-MCN00-000 YAMAHA ZS 4mm feeder
KLJ-MC100-004 YAMAHA ZS 8mm feeder
KLJ-MC200-004 YAMAHA ZS 12/16mm feeder
KLJ-MC400-004 YAMAHA ZS 24mm feeder
KLJ-MC500-001 YAMAHA ZS 32mm feeder
KLJ-MC600-001 YAMAHA ZS 44mm feeder
KLJ-MC700-001 YAMAHA ZS 56mm feeder
KLJ-MC800-001 YAMAHA ZS 72mm feeder
KLJ-MC900-001 YAMAHA ZS 88mm feeder

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