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100% Nomex Endless Felt For Heat Transfer Printing Machine

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Price: 2.00USD/piece
Min.Order: 10 piece
Supply 500000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within 7 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-04-17 10:49
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Temperature resistance:continues:180°C, speaks: 280°C.The material will lose weight ,and reduce its self life if it is exposed to high temperature(about 350°C) for a period of time (longer than10 minutes)

Total thickness :6-10mm;common specifications are 6mm,8mm,10mm,

Width :600mm-3500mm;common specifications are 1000mm, 1980mm, 2000mm


Density Effective blankets part of the standard is 2800g/m2-3600g/m2 ;Standard or special requirements can be customized.



Color:Off white

Material:100% Nomex + Nomex Fabric

Highest temperature:280℃

Application:Heat transfer printing equipment

Advantage:Acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, high temperature, flame retardant, resistance to heat, anti-slip, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-corrosion, etc.



1. 100% nomex raw material

2. The max temperature resistant 280℃

3. Endless type - no joint(Don't worry about the fracture)

4. Misaligned----Our base cloth is use endless industrial  silk. Testing report showed the misaligned rate is about ±3mm.  enclosed our base cloth for your consideration

5. Shrinkage----The base cloth can control the shrinkage rate in 2.5%--3%.



That kind of felt belt suitable for transfer printing machine,such as Italy Farah,Rafah,Mantian,Santex,Japan East Valley,Texas691.692,Haining Shrink Machine,Monti, Lemaire, Bater, Stork, Futanet, Gessner etc.


Direction of our felt belt

1. The blanket must be install as the direction of the arrow, fixing both sides of the perimeter

to see if the perimeter is the same.

2. Adjust the machine pressure within 2kg. heat up to 150 ℃, idle for 2 hours; heat up to

170℃, idle for 2 hours; heat up to 190℃, idle 3 hours( important); heat up to 200℃,

idle for 2 hours.

3. Then the belt will suitable for your machine, you can adjust the machine pressure in 3--5kg

according to your needed and start to printing.


ConTACT PERSON:Frank zong


mob/whatapp;+86 19930618603

Tel: +86 0311 80690567


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