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Price: Negotiable
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Address: China
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Updated on: 2019-04-28 10:06
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Quickly removes traces of 1200 water sandpaper, as well as severe paint stains and dirt, orange peel, Hyun stripes, oxide layer.

Gradually grinding particles, rapid cutting of coarse particles, automatically decomposed into fine particles, not easy to damage the paint.

It is an ideal product for the paint repair process in the automobile, motorcycle and yacht manufacturing industries.

Removes swirl marks and micro grade sanding scratches

Top choice for home using or by hand. 

Nanolex® Scratch & Swirl Remover #905 quickly removes sand scratches, oxidation, coarse swirl marks and water spots. Our liquid compound leaves minimal swirl marks and is safe for clear coats, lacquer and enamel paint finishes. This car rubbing compound makes dull and tired looking auto body finishes look new and glossy once again.


Nanolex® Scratch & Swirl Remover #905  revives the luster and shine that makes a car glisten out on a sunny day. Our automotive rubbing compound removes sand scratches and smooths surfaces, making your car look amazing. Compounding removes the scratch pattern left by abrasives in previous sanding applications. While smoothing the surface, this product also removes oxidation, water spots and other stains and blemishes. 


Refresh the Look of Your Car, Truck or Van 


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