Mining Motor Operation Parameters Tester

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Model: CDZ11

Description: CDZ11 Mining Motor Operation Parameters Tester

MA: MFA140228

KA: KFA140050

ExdibI: 320140799


1. Hand-held, more convenient. A professional instrument for regular maintenance of motor.

2. Regular rated parameters of no-load motor are built-in. Judging motor running status through inspecting electrical equipment and transmission line.

3. Judge function for incorrect connection.

4. ARM Core technology. It can measure grid frequency, harmonic and other international regulation parameters.

5. Applicable for power saving detection. Equipped with powerful background analysis software.

6. Windows operation platform owns image and curve analysis function.

Technology parameters:

1. Input signal: three-phase ac voltage, current, frequency: 45~75Hz.

2. Input voltage: AC 10~750V; input current: AC 0~500A.

3. Voltage/ current: level 0.2; Other electric quantity: level 0.5.

4. USB interface.

5. Dimensions: 372×266×134(mm), light weight.

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