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ZLSP-D PTO Wood Pellet Mill

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Brand: ABC Machinery
Capacity: 50-400kg/h
weight: 90-325kg
Price: 400.00USD/set
Min.Order: 1 set
Supply 100 set
Delivery: Shipment within 15 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-05-11 10:10
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Company Detail
Small scale power taken off tractor biomass pellet processing equipment is also called PTO pellet mill, which is a small flat die pellet machine with small capacity. This PTO wood pellet mill has two types, D-type and R-type. The two type flat die PTO drive horse manure pellet maker are all good at making wood pellets. Relatively speaking, the yield of D-type is less than R-type. So it is more suitable for processing soft wood raw materials ( like saw dust ). Besides, the investment is lower. R-type PTO pellet mill is more suitable for harder wood raw materials ( like Oak wood ). From the aspect of structure, the roller of D-type PTO wood pellet mill is fixed on the upper machine and the die rotates with the main shaft. R-type is contrary to D-type, the die of R-type is fixed while the roller rotates.
Model Power(Hp) Output(kg/h) Weight(kg) Packing Size(mm)
ZLSP-D 150P ≥8 50-100 90/110 900*540*1020
ZLSP-D 200P ≥15 80-20 130/150 1000*540*1020
ZLSP-D 230P ≥22 120-200 175/200 1000*540*1020
ZLSP-D 260P ≥30 160-250 235/255 1050*540*900
ZLSP-D 300P ≥55 250-400 305/325 1100*540*1000

Advantages of PTO Pellet Machines

1).Simple structure, wide adaptability, covers a small area, low noise. High efficient and low consumption
2).Powder feed, grass meal doesn’t need or with a little liquid, then can be making for granulation.So basic to the moisture content of grain feed granulating before the moisture of the materials, more conducive to storage.
3).Chicken, duck, fish, cattle.pig, birds, dog, etc, than the mixed powder feed can obtain higher economic benefits.
4).Dry processing, the production of feed particle high hardness, smooth surface, internal curing, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
ZLSP-D PTO homemade wood pellet machine specially designed for mass industrial production of wood pellets. The raw materials are easy to obtain, like groundnut shell, sawdust, paddy straw, wheat straw, palm husk, rice husks, etc and forestry wastes. The final pellets can be used for industrial boilers and large power plants as well as home heating. The best pto pellet mill for sale
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