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Standrd Deviation per 1km
Double-Run Leveling
Optical Reading   ±1.5mm
Electronic Reading   ±1.5mm
Electronic Reading System Measuring Range   2.5m~100m
Single Measuring Time   Approx.3second
Min. Altitude Reading   0.2mm
Min. Distance Reading   0.01m
Magnification   28×
Objective Aperture   40mm
Shortest Focusing Distance   0.5m
Resolution Power   4"
Setting Accuracy   ±0.5"
Leveling Time   2"
Image of Telescope   Erect
Compensation Type   Magnetic Damping
Compensator Working Range   ±15'
Field of View   1°30'
Multiplication Constant   100
Additive Constant   0
Sensitivity of Circular Level   8'/2mm
Display   LCD
Data Port(interface)   RS-232C
Data Memory   1000points
Power Supply Rechargeable Battery(Ni-H):6v/1.3AH When the power is used out,DAL1528 or DAL1528R would be ordinary Auto-Levels!!
Operating Time   Approx.10hrs
Auto Power-Off   5 minutes later
Horizontal Outer Circle   360°/1°
Ambient Temperature   -20°C~+50°C
Standard Accessories