Anti-theft security package package

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Brand: excellent variety of Nepalese association
规格: UD-378
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2010-09-07 11:50
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Company Detail

Product Manufacturer: Shenzhen North Division

Product Name: Anti-theft package
Model: BK-378
When you withdraw money from the bank back on the road no longer have to worry about fear;
When you take the bus, train, handbags to luggage rack one up, can sleep soundly, or leisurely enjoy the view out the window;
When you meet in the hotel, your bag can do on the windowsill, happily drinking;
When you are escorted to the bank shall, without fear of robbers;
When your home large sums of money, you can sleep better;
How can all this be true

Security package (remote control, anti-robbery, theft, anti-lost alarm, electric shocks) make your dreams come true! ! !

Burglar snatches bag has gained national patent. Mature technology, according to principles of high-voltage pulse and wireless remote control technology to give safe and reliable products to control a wide range of sensitive and can be used repeatedly and long life.

When you have a burglar snatches bag, you no longer worry about experiencing Bun criminals, even you would expect (even if you are a weak woman) can encountered an unlucky guy, as long as you touch, will make him subject to a strong electric shock, disposable bag and fled, then how comfortable you ah! And when you go out with valuable information, articles package is not your side, you automatically as long as the package set "deployed" state, it need not worry about package loss information and articles.

Product types and all styles, an anti-hijacking bags, briefcases, men bags, women bag leather series, alloy equipment notes box series, anti-theft luggage purse. Leather fashion company used the design ideas and exquisite, and the materials used in the selection of well-exquisite, traditional industries and striving to achieve the perfect combination of modern fashion, fashion is the pursuit of successful people. We warmly welcome friends home and abroad to negotiate business, I believe that every consumer can find treasures of your personal taste of leather goods, to bring you freedom, romance, high quality of life, anti-theft package, a symbol of successful people! Carefree life, from here

C anti-function

"Anti-losing" function: luggage case to be forgotten, at a distance of 3 to 15 meters, an alarm sound alerts.

"" Security "feature: more than 72 hours warning time, once the case of theft, alarm warning and the whole surface high-voltage pulse electric shock simultaneously.

"Hijacking" function: Once looting at 50 meters (in open field can be more than 200 m), remote control alarm warning and the whole surface high-voltage pulse electric shock simultaneously

Luggage shape and fabric can be tailored according to customer requirements!

Technical parameters:

1: Alarm volume:

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