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Tongxiang Zhongkai Fur Products Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :Fur collars,fur strips/trimmings,fur garments/coats,fur accessories,fur vests,fur shawls,fur scarves

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Dongguan Guan Hong Packing Industry Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :BOPP packing tapes,stationery tapes,masking tapes,PVC insulation tapes,cloth sealing tapes,double-side tapes,EVA foam tapes,kraft paper tapes,reinforcing adhesive tapes,stretch film

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Taizhou Huangyan Cheromay Houseware Co., Ltd  [China]  

Main products :Hooks,plastic hooks,suction hooks,adhesive hooks,dust mops,brooms,brushes

  • [Unverified]

Shaanxi Tiangong PTFE & Plastic Material Development Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :PTFE rod,PTFE pushing pressure pipe,Teflon Turning Plate,PTFE membrane,PTFE filling Product

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Yunnan Green Country Economic Trade Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :handicraft,handicrafts,Metal crafts,Knitted craft,cloth bag

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Pujiang Jing Kai Li Crystal Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :Hotfix rhinestone,DMC rhinestones,preciosa,korea,Chinese A(2CUT),chinese B(1CUT),chinese C,flatback rhinestone,drilling of hole,hotfix crystal

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Fujian Mecode Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :Glitter powder,pearlescent pigment,metal pigment,aluminum powder,colorant,aluminum silver paste,rainbow film,hot stamping foil,reflective powder,fluorescent pigment,luminous paint,photochromic powder,thermochromic powder,fragrance powder,aluminum foil,pla

  • [Unverified]

Amicus Asia Pacific (Wuhan) Pte. Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :wipes,wiper sheets,hand wash,cotton balls,body wash

  • [Unverified]

Fuzhou Flor Decor Technology Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :Solar products,medical appliances,toys,artificial flowers

  • [Unverified]

Shin Gian Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :Embroidered patches,Emblems,Fashion accessories,embroidery accessories,embroideries

  • [Unverified]

Binji Silicone Factory  [China]  

Main products :Silicone bracelet,silicone keyring,pvc keychain,silly band,metal pin,Eco-friendly,design service offered,buyer label offered,metal coin

  • [Unverified]

Ju Tong Garment Guangzhou Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :Imitates the leather belt,leather belt,fashion belt,clothing accessory,man-made jewelry

  • [Unverified]

Zhejiang Sam Plastic Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :Tape,PVC tape,industrial tape,sealing tape,PVC insulation tape,electric tape,electric insulation tape,police tape,adhesive tape,warning tape,flame-retardant tape,agriculture tape,high-voltage insulation tape,BOPP packing tape,BOPP tape,masking tape,packin

  • [Unverified]

Ningbo Best Textiles Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :Sewing thread,embroidery thread,button,cross stitch,sewing basket,crochet cushion,curtain accessory,garment accessory,glass beads,knitting needles,binding tape,tag pin,hot fix,stopper,scissors,interlining,bra accessory,sequin,hand sewing needle,tag gun

  • [Unverified]

Dongguan City Wan Xin Industrial Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :hologram sticker,hologram anti,Anti-counterfeit labels,hologram label

  • [Unverified]

Jiangsu Xiangchuan Rope Technology Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :rope,PP rope,PE rope,nylon rope,UHMWPE rope,kevlar rope,aramid fiber rope,dyneema rope,mooring rope,towing rope,hawser,reflective rope,double braided rope,twisted rope,mooring tail,anchor rope,polyester rope,net,safety net,fishing net

  • [Unverified]

Po Wah Plastic Toys Factory (Huizhou) Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :Polyresin craft,plastic toys,ceramic ware,wooden craft,metal craft

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Pujiang Zhubi Crystal Crafts Factory  [China]  

Main products :Crystal beads,fashion bead,crystal glass beads,decorative crystal bead,fashion bead

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Dongguan Shuntong Color Printing Co., Ltd.  [China]  

Main products :Adhesive Labels&stickers,packaging boxes,promotional printed articles,PP/PE/PVC/PET Labels,handbag/paper bag,Cosmetic Labels,Roll/Sheet labels,food labels,office/shipping label,electronic label,Paper Labels,electronic label,shampoo label,clear label,p

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