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 water storage containers buckets installed drinking water, soy sauce preparation there is a certain security risk, sampling batches of 2846 bottles (barrels) installed drinking water sample, number of samples of 340 batches of unqualified, unqualified sample was 11.9%. Reporters found that in the list of substandard food and its producers (drinks), there are 20 enterprises in Jiangsu Province, 20 batches of water bottles (barrels) installed drinking water samples failed, which no list of water companies Yangzhou list . The detection is mainly based on GB8537 "drinking natural mineral water", Jiangsu Province, 20 batches detected in bottles (barrels) installed drinking water, substandard test items is the total number of colonies, conductivity, fungal and yeast, free chlorine / chlorine and the like. Plastic bucket reusable cleaning is not clean "culprit" "The state inspection, Yangzhou although not on water companies 'black list', but there are three 

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