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unique wall clocks for sale

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Last Updated: 2016-04-25
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 unique wall clocks for sale temptation, last week, Hangzhou Tower income of 11 million old table, displacing more than 20 million new table, pocketed the wall clock buyers popularity, and the industry say, Hangzhou people also hidden in countless amounts of "death list", once these "death list" were "revitalize" it would be kind of an active market, and it would be an existing wall clock how to generate sales momentum it? The 110,000 yuan old table is replaced by more than 20 million new table "campaign launched last weekend, only a few days received a 12 old table." Hangzhou Tower wall clock mall official said, because Omega, Rolex, Longines , radar, Tissot, nearly 20 brands to participate in replacement activity, so these two days have been receiving a lot of the old tables to Longines, Tissot, the British Nag, Citizen and other entry-level multi-table. "There is a guest he took to buy a Longines, the original price is 10,000 yuan, after playing 10% replacement of two tables, namely a 9000 yuan of Oris and 1.9 million Malibu table. "mall officials said, as well as guests take 

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