Customized Brushless DC BLDC motor stator and rotor core with laminated silicon steel

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Brand: jy
型号: jy-001
规格: 22*10*12Slots
Price: 20.00USD/pcs
Min.Order: 10 pcs
Supply 10000 pcs
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-01-06 18:19
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Company Detail
 Brushless DC motor stator core lamination and epoxy coating
Our service:

1.    Motor stator and rotor core lamination

2.    Motor stator customization with

3.    Stator Punching and stamping mold design & manufacturing

4.    Stator Prototype sample customization with wire cutting and laser welding.

5.    Stator epoxy coating with insulation powder, H Class.

6.    Manual stator copper wire coil winding for the prototype sample.

7.    Stator winding services and automatic stator coil winding machine selling

8.    Permanent magnets manufacturing and customization

9.    Other motor products related services.

Our advantage:

1.    More than 50 set of ready-made punching mold for selection to save your cost during your prototype sample stage and meet the needs of customer who needs small qty. order

2.    20 years of manufacturing experience in the motor field

3.    Multiple kinds of punching die machine and testing equipment

4.    ISO9000 Quality certificated

5.    Complete quality control system

6.    Our core has the best performance since lamination can be without any wielding and riveting point (patented lamination process).


1.    High Performance Brushless DC Motor;

2.    Generator;

3.    Servo motor;

4.    Electric motor;

5.    Drones, UAV and RC model motors;

6.    High accuracy automatic equipment;

7.    RC cars motors, RC boats motors, electrical bicycle motors.



Silicon steel thickness:0.1mm/0.15mm/ 0.2mm/0.35mm/0.5mm

Silicon steel grade: TBD

Stator thickness: 2-200mm (can be customized)

Stator Outer Diameter: 10-250mm (can be customized)

Stator Inner Diameter: 2.8-180mm (can be customized)

Epoxy Coating color: green/blue

Mold Type: Progressive stamping for stator rotor, single mold for stator rotor

Technology: Interlock rivet point, Chute, Patented lamination technology.

More details for us is: www#.jystatorrotor.#com (delet #)

contact with us (#=@)

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