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Bamboo charcoal towel, Sauna towel, handkerchief, bathrobe, beach towel, bamboo charcoal bamboo fibe

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Brand: of
型号: 70 * 140,420 g
规格: Bamboo Sambo
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2011-07-27 08:37
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Bamboo charcoal towel, with no dirty towel, Sauna towel, beach towel handkerchief bathrobe, bamboo towel bamboo fiber towel bamboo

healthy towel with wash any good

Ordinary cotton towels in a wet environment is the most easy to breed bacteria and mites, but also kind of strange odor, wash your face with this towel on the towel is no different with the transfer of bacteria to the body's skin.
Bamboo fiber towel fiber adhesion in the nano-carbon fiber, the use of carbon fiber anti-bacterial effect, so that bacteria can not survive on the towel, even in humid conditions to keep a few days, there will be no unpleasant odor, release far infrared can promote blood circulation. Particularly suitable for travel, travel with, but also essential household items, no longer have to endure the smell of damp towels.
Bamboo fiber the" Black Diamond "in the world in the international as the" new guard twenty-first century environment. "
Healthy bamboo towels, bamboo fiber, and advanced high-tech co-crafted cotton, moisture, moisture, odor, comfortable and soft, resistant to washing, face to deep clean pores of dirt, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, to keep the face clean and fresh, charcoal long fibers can remain active, so increasing the face moist, easy sticky smelly, anti-washing is your best choice.
Ms. Beauty towels, men's cleansing towel dry hair towel, sports and fitness towel, baby towel, quick-drying towel, wash towel, rag, universal cleaning cloth, computer cleaning cloth, screen cleaning cloth, household cleaning towels, multi-wipes, car cleaning towel, microfiber mop, etc.

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bamboo fiber towel cotton towel absorbent capacity is seven times the durability of ordinary towels 5 times has a strong adsorption capacity and antibacterial capabilities, quick-drying washable, wipe the object does not leave lint and water marks, no smell. Compared with the traditional cotton towels, natural bamboo fiber towels there are six main characteristics: absorbent, strong decontamination, do not shed, do not fade, long life, easy to clean.

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