32bit 64bit NAND Flash HDD Repair SN Model For iPhone iPad

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32bit 64bit NAND Flash HDD Repair SN Model For iPhone iPad

Operate For iPhone 4 4S 5 5S 5C 6 6 plus and for iPad 3 4 air air2 mini mini2

PRO3000 HDD Demo video:


This iphone HDD repair machine is an professional iphone hdd advanced repair tool, the operation is very easy, don't need connect with pc, with 4.3-inch LCD display and touch screen operation, it is designed to recovery and back-up the data file on NAND memory storage of iphone / ipad, support: reading, writing, testing, erasing ( make the empty HDD).

1. Support for the phone 4, 4 s, 5, 5 c, 5 s, 6, 6 plus, ipxd 2 big hard disk, ipxd 2 small hdd chip, ipxd 3, 4, ipxd ipxd 5, 6, ipxd ipxd mini2, ipxd mini3 HDD chip, which can realize read, write, extract data

2. Support for ipxd series  wich can be unlocked ID LOCK,

3. Can DILATATION AND REPAIR ERROR : 9, 40, 2 009, 4013, 4014, caused by the failures of the hard disk red screen, blue screen, boot screen failure

1 A key extract FW data:a click can start the fast extraction. Extract complete screen will display the corresponding commonly used FW, including serial number, country, model, Bluetooth address code, WIFI address code. Generally completed within 5 seconds;
2 A key write FW data:a click can write your extract FW dat or modified FW data, generally 4 seconds to complete;
3 Quick FW data modification:the serial number, nationality, model, Bluetooth address code, WIFI address code. The interface will show the FW inforemation extracted or modified last time. Can be done on this basis, a changes can be carried out under a HDD, the screen has the same buttons as the computer keyboard layout, maximum compliance with your habits;
4 Surpport Automatic build FW data:can automatically constructed the FW data whether 32bit and 64bit.so ,find source data HHD become unnecessary;
5 Either 32bit or 64 bit models:source data HDD can be a arbitrary types and any capacity,so, specially source data HDD is unnecessary,restore HDD before is unnecessary.in other words,HDD restored or empty is same to this machine;
6 100% repair HDD Error:can repair the error caused by HDD in restore process, can fast recovery engineering capacity HDD to normal capacity;
7 Quick erase HDD:support from iPhone 4 8GB HDD to the 128GB HDD of iPhone 6p. Support auto dectet HDD when placed or take out, that is,after the HDD placed not need to click touchpanel,a automatic operation will be start;
8 Quick check whether HDD ok:can make a quickly detection to the HDD,include model and theoretical capacity and the actual capacity and whether ok. Support auto detecte HDD fuctionnal when placed or take out, that is,after the HDD placed not need to click touchpanel,a utomatic operation will start. greatly improve the efficiency of the HDD check;


1: Fast get the underlying data, get the universal information about iphone / ipad : SN, country, color, Bluetooth address, WIFI address....
2: Writing the new underlying data to iphone / ipad, write the before mother HDD information, write the new information to iphone / ipad
3: Fast change these underlying datas: SN, country, color, Bluetooth address, WIFI address
4: For 32bit apple (iphone / ipad) HDD, any type HDD can be used as mother HDD (master nand memory), don't need the especial HDD as mother HDD, Don't need pre-Brush
5: For 64bit apple (iphone / ipad) HDD, the same type HDD fit with same type HDD, don't need pre-brush, any type HDD can be used as mother HDD (master nand memory),
6: with HDD Empty (erasing) function, Support From 8G (iphone 4) to 128G (iphone 6plus) fast erasing function, support the recognition function on HDD.
7: with HDD testing function, Fast checking and testing HDD status and quality, get the right HDD size and model, finish the testing on HDD.
8: can repair almost hdd error on iphone 5s
9: fast change the Engineering capacity HDD to normal capacity HDD
10: For iphone 4/4S/5 HDD, don't need this tool, just replac the HDD, and change SN.

Universal apple nand flash 32bit and 64bit programming tool, repair remove icloud change serial number, for iPhone 6 plus 5s iPad Air 2 Mini 2 3 4

Programming/Reading and Rewriting Serial Number
Unlocking kinds of Ipads of Wifi model by changing Serial Number
Expending/Updating momeory of kinds of pads&iphones to 128G or 64G or 32G

For Apple Nand programming single 32bit single nand flash, iphone & ipad:
For ipad 4/ ipad 3/ ipad 2(32nm) /mini1
For iphone 5c/5/4s/4

For Apple Nand Flash programming single 64bit single nand flash, For iphone & ipad:
For iphone 6p/6/5s/air2/air/mini4/mini3/mini2

32bit: For iphone 4S/5/5C, For ipad 2/3/4 Mini1

Nand Flash Brand: For Toshiba/For Sandisk/For Hynix/For Samsung

Supporting HDD NO.

Package including:

1* 32&64 IC Programmer
1* Power
1* Detailed instruction Video

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