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Flying garbage bags Ding purple Ting _ water plants duckweed _ water duckweed
Flying Garbage Bag Ding Shiting 49 18:09:57 On Thursday morning, four (4) of our classmates were divided into seven groups and came to the school lecture hall for an interesting science class. Into the lecture hall, I found that each table stood three poles and a material box. Sun told us that this class should do an experiment: let the garbage bags rise. Our team quickly got some work done. I was responsible for putting the trash bag firmly on the strut, then took out a candle, lit it with matches, placed it in the center of the garbage bag, and lit the second and third candles. Not long after, the trash bag actually "fly" up. It turned out that the trash bag has enough hot air to make it rise. However, I quickly found a problem. After many trash bags have risen, they all fall diagonally. What is the reason? After some explanation from the teacher, I realized that because of its lack of stability, I did so. The teacher instructed us to remove the three wires from the material box, fix them around the struts with name stickers, make a knot at the tail of the three threads and put on a paper clip, then light three candles. Finally, the trash bag flew to the sky steadily. Our mood really exciting ah! Male students jumped up excitedly, the girls also made cheers of joy. Through this activity, I enhanced hands-on skills, and learned a lot of scientific knowledge, really interesting science class ah!

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