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n of garbage bag brand loyalty 95 Sixth, the market share of garbage bag brand survey 95 Seven, the consumer survey of consumer ideas 95 Third, different customers to buy related Attitude and impact analysis 96 First, the price sensitivity of 96 Second, the impact of the brand 97 Third, the impact of the purchase of convenience 97 Fourth, the impact of advertising 98 Fifth, the extent of the impact of packaging 99 Chapter seventh consumer brand trash bags survey information Feedback 101 The first section of consumer use of trash bags brand product survey 101 First, the proportion of consumers using trash bags product analysis 101 Second, the consumer use of trash bags product brand ranking analysis 101 Third, consumers use it Satisfaction analysis of trash bag products 102 IV. Unsatisfactory local analysis of trash bag products used by consumers 102 Section consumers in the future to prepare or continue to use the analysis of the situation of the trash bag products 102 I. Consumers who have not or have used the trash bag products are ready to re-use the proportion analysis 102 Second, the consumers who are currently using or preparing to use the trash bag products continue Using the proportion of analysis 103 Third, the consumer that may become the opportunity to buy trash bag advertising form analysis 103 Fourth, consumers will buy garbage bags will be used as a reference source of information analysis 104 Fifth, consumers buy garbage bags products When the importance of factor analysis 105 six, consumers want to buy the garbage bag product brand ranking analysis 106 seventh, consumers are interested in garbage bag product brand ranking analysis 106 third section trash bag manufacturers brand promotion situation 107 , The eyes of consumers in major trash bags product manufacturers brand situation 107 Second, the consumer that the recent strong concern about a garbage bag product brand five media forms or information channels 107 Chapter VIII 2012 China brand trash bags market price Monitoring Results 109 Section I Analysis of Price Formation Mechanisms 109 Second Section 2012 Market Research Report on China's Garbage Bag Brand Market Price Section III Forecast of China's Garbage Bag Brand's Price Trend in 2009-2012 Section III Marketing Channel and Strategy Analysis on China's Garbage Bag Market Chapter 9 Analysis on China's Garbage Bag Market Marketing in 2012 112 The first section of the five characteristics of consumer goods FMCG 112 First, the basic characteristics of 112 Second, the characteristics of 112 Third, the competitive characteristics 113 Fourth, the brand characteristics 113 Fifth, channel characteristics 113 Section II garbage bag market analysis 114 First, 
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