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tough but less transparent. PVC (pvc) resolution method: PVC trash bags transparency, stretchability and viscosity than PE trash bags. PVC garbage bags in the use of fire, the flame black, black smoke, pungent odor, will not drip, leave the fire will automatically extinguished. The PE garbage bag burning yellow flame, tasteless, will drip, and left the fire after burning can continue. Garbage bag classification: 1, environmentally friendly and non-environmentally friendly: biodegradable for the environment-friendly. 2, medical and civilian type. 3, according to color points: black, yellow, gray, white and a small part of the green. 4, according to specifications: commonly used are 4050cm, 75cmx90cm, 120140cm and so on. 5, according to the weight of points: the same specifications of the heavier the quality of the more thick. 6, according to the raw materials points: raw materials and renewable materials. 7, according to the ingredients. Matters needing attention to buy garbage bags: 1, according to the use of places: hospitals and catering should be used to prevent the leakage of contaminants thick, the hospital should choose different colors to distinguish between pollutants and general household garbage. 2, choose the size and size of trash cans supporting models to avoid unnecessary waste. 3, the seal is strong. 4, the purchase of trash bags should be spot checks the quantity, size, weight, tensile strength (toughness) to avoid individual distributors cut corners, to shoddy malicious price.
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