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plastic bag

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Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: Russia
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2017-11-25 19:48
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1 year spent 80 million to buy garbage bags Government really force 1 year to spend 80 million to buy trash bags User: Spend so much money devil letter (Photo from the network) 28, Hangzhou City People's Congress sub-group examined the Hangzhou Municipal People's Congress financial year A report on the final review of departmental final accounts. Last year to buy trash bags spent more than 80 million why not in the final accounts? "Hangzhou City Administrative Committee is only part of the content used to make final accounts for the year last year, spend so much money sorting waste, just buy garbage bags It spent more than 80 million, why not see in the final accounts? "Review of experts questions. Hangzhou Environmental Sanitation Research Institute "2013 garbage classification of funds" to 9,657,400 yuan, the actual use of 9,643,700 yuan. In this regard, experts said: "The money is how to use? Garbage classification guidance, promotion work should be an important work of the city management committee, why is the research institute to implement?" Insurance companies to pay 125,000 insurance premiums Based on the basis? In 2013, Hangzhou City Center (City Management Committee system) to pay China Pacific Insurance Company dog ​​insurance premium 125,000 yuan (budget 160,000 yuan), the basis for the insurance? Some experts said the performance target Self evaluation in the "urban management special fund project", self-assessment only expressed annual budget of 1.5 million yuan and project content, but the performance evaluation report reflects the project budget of 437,600 yuan, the annual budget of the city management committee did not explain, Through the city management committee project expenditure summary table, only to find that the difference is due to budget adjustments, indicating that the city management committee's attitude is not responsible enough, as a performance evaluation project, the annual budget are not clear, returned 90 points of self-assessment Results, people feel puzzled! "In addition, Hangzhou River Regulation Center (City Management Committee System) annual adjustment project The budget 50.5059 million yuan, but the overall presentation Management Committee, as well as details of the unit expressed are not adjusted to see specific projects. Micro-channel supply network
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