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Enterprises choose trash bags need to pay attention to what factors _Li Min cleaning _ Limin cleaning
Garbage bags enterprises need to pay attention to what factors Garbage bags are businesses, family daily life indispensable items, brought great convenience to life, the office or workshop, the kitchen can basically do carry bag and clean, how as a business selec trash bags? 1, enterprises choose garbage bags First thing to consider is to save costs, garbage bags do not have to be how thick, but it must be flexible and durable easy to poke. Some trash bags on the market not only thick and cheap, many people think it is cost-effective, go back and use it to know a little toughness without a stamp on the broken, it is waste, usually with a new material garbage bags Several, seemingly earned, but more loss. 2.If you can also make a contribution to environmental protection, environmental protection is now more and more valued by enterprises, so the material of trash bags is very important, people's daily life of the plastic bags are mostly made of petroleum, is not degradable, Will seriously endanger the environment, pollute the soil, the general choice of new materials can be biodegradable environmentally friendly, thus reducing pollution to protect our homes 3, choose the right size of the garbage bag is also the key to reducing costs, garbage bag specifications, such as small trash can with 45 * 55cm, go
ojects. Micro-channel supply network
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