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garbage bag manufacturers

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Address: Russia
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Updated on: 2017-11-26 13:02
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Garbage bags on the door forgot to throw, neighbors posted "warning book" forbearance for a long time
Garbage bags on the door forgot to throw, neighbors posted "warning book" said forbearance Chen for a long time trash bag on the door, go out the next day and then brought downstairs, did not think the previous two days forgot to throw, attracted neighbor dissatisfaction. Looking at the "warning book" posted on the door, she grieved and cried. Ms. Chen, a waste recycling in Hong Kong, a family of three rented in the Hankou Aunt Shu Fukang district on the first floor of the second floor. She introduced yesterday, she is a full-time mother, son less than two years old, often changing urine, rubbish for a long time, the family sometimes can hold two or three bags a day. She used to put the garbage bag outside the door and dropped it down to the trash the next day. On the morning of the 4th, she forgot to throw away the rubbish on the previous day, and on the evening of the 4th, she got 5 bags of rubbish at the door. That evening, when her husband worked overtime and took her son out for a walk after dinner, she found that at the door she was posted a "warning book": I put up with you for a long time, piling up rubbish in the hallway every day, Also often eat fish, the whole passage is stench. Since you shameless, I am not prepared to give you face. You have to put junk like this again, I put your photos and house numbers affixed to the cell gate ... Miss Chen look, was crying. Wu mother lived in Ms. Chen door, she told reporters, Ms. Chen thought that the 
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