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High automation and efficiency rotor die casting machine (60T)

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Brand: NIDE
Rotor OD: Max 75mm
Rotor stack height: Max 70mm
cycle time: 10s
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: 1 set
Supply 100 set
Delivery: Shipment within 90 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2017-12-18 10:27
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Company Detail

During die casting, machine will transfer the residual aluminum to the smelter in time. Since the residual aluminum still has a high temperature. It is cost saving and time saving. Besides, the injection system of our machine is patented. The injection head can be used for about 1-2 months, while the injection cylinder for more than half year. Since the injection head and cylinder are easy consumed parts, therefore, our design also reduce the changeover frequency and cost of production.

Unlike the conventional die casting machine, our machine doesn't need asbestine cup to keep the temperature and demould. operator only need to press "start" button, no need to handling the heavy tooling which might occur body injury, and the machine has aluminium anti spatter design to prevent the aluminium liquid from spraying and cause injury.

Machine main function and characteristic

The armature rotor die casting machine takes about 10min to change mould. It has a high working efficiency, 10-12s/pcs, 300-400pcs/hour.
Automatic get aluminium melt liquid, automatic loading and unloading the rotor.
Rotor loading: automatic pneumatic circularly pick up.
Get aluminium melting liquid: servo motor control the mechanical arm, control the liquid volume through human-machine interface.
Automatic cut the waste material, automatic recycle the cut wasted material and convey it to the furnace by the conveyor.
Automatic feed mold releasing agent, the feeding time and times can be set.
There is water cooling channel, helpful for reducing the mold temperature effectively.
Setting on touch screen: forward and backward speed, stroke, swing angle of the mechanical arm, loading speed,etc.
Machine will alarm and stop working if out of material.
Failure will be automatic displayed and machine will alarm.
One person can take care of more than one machine.

No. Item Unit 60Tspecification
1,Main cylinder:
1 main cylinder mold   lock force KN 400
2 main cylinder mold   lock travel mm 200
2,Injecting cylinder:
1 Injecting cyliner   travel mm 150
2 Injecting cylinder   injecting force KN 200
3 Injecting force(Min-Max) KN 70-200
4 capacity L 10
5 aluminum depot   OD(Max) mm 65-75
6 punching head OD(Max) mm 65-75
7 aluminum depot   capacity(Max) kg 0.5
8 Injection punching   head travel distance mm 50
9 cycle time s 10
10 Rotor OD mm Max 75
11 Rotor stack height mm Max 70
3,Motor and pump:
1 Pump motor power KW 7.5
2 Divider motor powder KW 0.2
3 Oil pump (plunger   pump) L 40Y
4,Machine dimesion:
1 Main frame(L*W*G) mm



2 assembly of oil tank   and electric appliance(L*W*G) mm



3 turntable OD mm 860
5,Cooling pump specification:
1 Submersible pump  power KW 1.1
2 Submersible pump rate   of flow M3/H 3.5
3 Submersible pump   water pressure MPa 0.4
Remark: the max   pressure of this machine is 25Mpa / Submersible pump  power 220/380V Optional

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