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Deep Drop Underwater LED Fishing Lights IP68 MeanWell Driver 400W Aquculture Lamp

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Brand: ZJKC
Power: 400W
Input Voltage: DC12-24V / AC85-305V
Color: White , Green , Blue
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: 1
Delivery: Shipment within 10 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2018-01-03 14:41
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Company Detail
Deep Drop Underwater LED Fishing Lights IP68 MeanWell Driver 400W Aquculture Lamp

The deep drop LED fishing lights are with high luminous efficiency , which can be reached 110lm/W from the test reports . This is due to the high quality of the LED and the power supply . Green , blue , white and  mixed color all can be offered . Blue is from 380nm to 495nm , green is from 510nm to 570nm , white is from 3000K to 10000K . Customed color makes the lights have better performance on increasing production of fish .

The input voltage can be AC85-305V or DC12-24V , which is used for most boats , solar systems , and countries .The power factor of our power supply can reach 95% to 98% . We only adpot reliable power supply . It can  improve energy utilization efficiency of lamps .

The lights also can used in DALI system . DALI system can monitor every lamp working condition and make it be easy to manage many fishing lamps . Just feel free to tell us when you order if you would use Digital Addressable Lighting Interface system . The life time of LED light can reach 50000 hours if it is used in right environment .

Model No. : Fish-corn-400B
LED Power : 400W
LED Source : 12pcs*33W
Luminous Flux  Blue : 20,000lm,  Green : 44,000lm , White : 44,000lm
Net Weight : 10kg
Product Size ( L*W*H) : Φ250*256mm
Light Body Material : 316 Stainless steel , PC & PUR cable
LED Chip : USA Bridgelux
Driver Brand : Taiwan MeanWell Driver HLG Series
Input Voltage : AC85-305V / AC310-500V / DC12-24V
Frequency : 47-63Hz
Power Factor > 0.95
THD < 15%
Luminous Efficiency: Green : 110lm/W ; Blue : 50 lm/W ; White : 110 lm/W
Light Efficiency > 90%
LED Temperature 70℃±10% ( Ta = 25℃ )
Operating Temperature : -30℃ to 50℃
Storage Temperature : -30℃ to 65℃
Color Temperature : Green : 510-570nm ; Blue : 380-495nm ; White : 3,000-10,000K
Color Rendering Index : Ra > 80
Light Distribution Curve : Round optical spot
Lighting Angle : 360 degree 
IP Rating : IP68
Economical Lifetime > 50,000 Hrs
Installation : Horizontal or vertical installation
Certificates : CE,  RoHS, EMC, LVD , ISO
Warranty : 5 years ( first 2 years free, next 3 years cost for parts ) 

The light is IP68 and waterproof . It can be used under water . Before shipped we do 72 hours of olding test under water to ensure that each of the lamps have be in IP68 and good conditions  . And Pulse Width Modulation dimming control can be supplied with the fishing lights . PWM can easy to adjust the LED lights and will not bring the twinkle or blink . 

We provide high luminous high power of fishing lamps , because of our 8 years of experience in this line . We have successfully resolved the decay heat of high power LED lights . In addition , we use the lens with high-strength and high light transmission rate , which can be used in the deep sea and improve the efficiency of light and luminous efficiency .

1 . Target fish : salmon , squid , greenling , kinki , flatfish , grouper , cutlass fish or pacific saury etc .

2 . Fishery
The fishing light is widely applied in fishery , such as salmon farming . It can simulate natural light and create most superior optic environment , which can make fish feel safe , comfortable and joyful . Living the this comfortable surroundings, fish will eat and intake more food , then grow faster . Adopting LED fishing lights, it will greatly promote the growth of fish , shorten growing period and dramatically increase the yield of fish .

3 . Fishing Boat 
It is widely used in fishing boat . The Japanese scientists found fishes have a strong phototaxis , too . So the lamps on boat can trap school fish into fishing net . The marine led lights also can catch deep sea fish and seafood .

4 . Dock Light 
It can be used in dock , to provide lighting , to beautify the surroundings , to make it clear . Also it can attract the fishes .

Further Information:
Experienced fishermen always put LED fish light at the top of their night fishing devices. The very best florescent submersible's use 25-40watts of power, and they discharge 1000 to 3000 lumens per tube. Due to the fact that to cut to the chase that flat ass attract zoo plankton and bait fish, I utilize undersea green fish lights no matter what species of fish I am night fishing for. For our LED fish light, the lumens for 25W light can reach 2650. Welcome to test our ZJKC LED fish light, it will not let you down.

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