Densified Silica Fume In Concrete

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Silica fume, a co-product from the production of silicon or ferrosilicon metal, is an amorphous silicon dioxide - SiO2 which is generated as a gas in submerged electrical arc furnaces during the reduction of very pure quartz.  This gas vapor is condensed in bag house collectors as very fine powder of spherical particles that average 0.1 to 0.3 microns in diameter with a surface area of 17 to 30 m2/g.  Silica fume is used in a variety of cementitious (concrete, grouts and mortars), refractory, elastomer and polymer applications.

silica fume in concrete

For the silica fume concrete mix design, mainly based on the design requirements to determine the incorporation of silicon powder, the best amount of silicon powder, the optimal amount of water-reducing agent and sandstone adjustment, while the other according to ordinary concrete Design method.

A) the incorporation of silica fume: silica powder in concrete generally have two ways: First, within the mix, the second is outside the mix, must be used in conjunction with the water reducing agent. The amount of silicon powder instead of the equivalent of cement, part of the replacement of 1 kg of silicon powder instead of 1 ~ 3 kg of cement, the amount of silicon powder instead of the same amount of cement, As the study of the general content of 5% to 30%, water-cement ratio generally remain unchanged: the addition of the law refers to the silicon powder as admixture as mixed with concrete, and the amount of cement is not reduced, the content is generally 5% ~ 10%, the general method of mixed with the mechanical properties of concrete is much higher, but increased the amount of concrete in the binder material.

B) the best content of silicon powder: silica powder in the concrete content is too small, the concrete performance is not improved, but too much content, the concrete is too sticky, not easy construction, and dry shrinkage deformation, poor frost resistance , Therefore, when mixed with silicon powder, the optimum content should be found in order to obtain the best results. Under normal circumstances, the content of less than 10% effect is more satisfactory. The appropriate dosage of silicon powder generally according to the use of silicon powder, cement type and aggregate properties, select a few silicon powder content, such as 3,5,7,10%, forming concrete specimens, drawing R-SF (strength - Silica powder content) curve to determine. It is worth noting that the price of silicon powder is higher, in determining the best amount of silicon powder, but also consider the technical and economic indicators. 

C) the best amount of water-reducing agent: the use of silica fume powder in concrete, such as non-water-reducing agent, want to maintain the same degree of mobility, it is necessary to increase the amount of water, water-cement ratio increased, doped silicon powder concrete strength Also do not go, which is the past, silica fume in the concrete did not promote the use of the reasons. Silica powder and water-reducing agent combined with the use of silicon water-cement ratio is unchanged, that is, the amount of water does not increase, but also to meet the concrete with no silica powder has the same flow and silica powder concrete strength and other properties have been greatly improved , Generally more domestic use of naphthalene superplasticizer, such as built 1, H, DH3, FDN, NF, N2B, etc., the amount of the amount of glue is generally less than 1%, sometimes in order to reduce the water-cement ratio, mixing System of ultra-high strength concrete, water-reducing agent content of 2% to 3%.

D) adjustment of the amount of sand and gravel material: mixed with silicon powder generally do not have to adjust the amount of sand and gravel. Mixed with silicon powder to deduct the volume of sand and gravel equal to the volume of sand.

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