High Grade Silica Fume

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Micro silica ,also called silica fume or micro silica, is a byproduct of production silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys. Silicon metal and alloys are produced in electric furnaces.The raw materials are quartz,coal and wood-chips.The smoke that results from furnace operation is collected and sold as silica fume, silica fume consists primarily of amorphous(non-crystalline) silicon dioxide(SiO2),its average granule diameter is 0.15~0.20um,specific surface area is 15000~20000m2/kg,and it has extremely strong surface active.

Microsilica in Refractories                

Traditional refractories in many pores,microsilica fume filling in the pores ,increased bulk density and porosity of lower intensity can significantly enhanced.

Microsilica with strong activity in the water yo form colloidal particles,adding suitable dispersant can be strengthened liquidity, thereby improving performance casting.

Microsilica fume formed easily in the water-Si-oh and has strong hydrophilicity and activity can enhance the coshesion refractories, at the  same time, high temperature performance major improvements, and extens the life of refractory products.

Microsilica fume widely used in the refractory industry following.

Replace aluminum oxide mud for refractories.

As additives production unshaped and amorphous refractory products,its strength,high temperature performance greatly improved.

Shing drums for the overall combination of procoagulant casting agent

Other refractory products cohesion agent, binder, procoagulant agent, additives.

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