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   Since its establishment , 10 years agohas always been focused on Sintered Filter career development and progress, accumulated on the Well - known Sintered filter deep understanding and creativity. The main business of UTERS is based on the wound filter coup, and in-depth development to the Compressor filter supply,Unmatched wound filter,The brand is good in the industry COMPRESSOR FILTERand other fields.

Henan Uters International CO.,LTD have The brand is good in the industry COMPRESSOR FILTER,COMPRESSOR FILTER manufacturers offer,Cost-effective wound filter,Good service, good aftermarket COMPRESSOR FILTER,Sintered filter company charges,ingersoll rand air compressor filter parts and other areas of expertise, combined with excellent service capabilities, To provide customers with professional, customized Sintered Filter. Moreover, since the establishment of a long time ago,the Filter equipment and accessoriesbusiness of UTERS has always maintained a high-speed and stable growth. details:
Sinter filter
Sintering filter filtration purification equipment is for traffic, coal, metallurgy, power, chemical, medical, electronic, food and other industries to produce filter core and filter equipment, with many specifications.
The categories are divided into: water filter. The precision filter. The air filter. Oil filter. Diesel oil filter filter.. Gobierno. Mobile Gobierno. Plate filter. Filter. Stainless steel filter dust filter bag etc..
Used in petroleum, chemical, textile, metallurgy, electronic and atomic energy industry, a filter, dust, gas diffusion, steam flow, catalytic reaction, electrolysis, noise elimination, damping, fire resistance and transpiration cooling.
Internal structure
Powder metallurgy, gear, metal injection molding MIM, powder sintered filter core, sintered filter, oil bearing, precision casting and structural parts, including:
Filter powder sintering, powder sintered filter, sintered filter, filter, filter, filter sintered bronze powder, sintered stainless steel filter, sintered metal powder filter, copper powder sintered filter sintered stainless steel powder sintered filter, filter, filter, filter, filter, filter, sintered bronze powder, sintered stainless steel filter powder metallurgical filters, microporous filter, copper ball sintered filter core, copper bead sintered powder sintered filter, filter, stainless steel powder metallurgy sintered filter sintered bronze filter; powder metallurgy gears, double gear, pulley, sprocket, gear, gear, gear, gear, horizontal synchronous wheel, gear sector, ratchet double, pulley, gear, gear, pulley, multilayer synchronous gear, bevel gear, mini The gear shaped gears and all kinds of precision gear drive; spherical oil bearings, bushings, oil Cup disabilities, sets of copper powder metallurgy sintering, oil bearings, bushings, flanges, eccentric bearings; agitator blade, meat grinder, disc blade reamer, reamer disc, cross hole board, pepper grinding pieces appliance hardware accessories; cam mobile phone, laptop parts, parts, metal buttons; copper / iron / stainless steel products; automobile and motorcycle, machine tool, motor, office equipment, medical equipment and other machinery, electrical appliances, electrical / pneumatic products in the complex precision parts, non standard parts; precision metal industries products within the structure of zero accessories and hardware accessories>

   Over the years, Henan Uters International CO.,LTD insists on the concept of integrity management, quality refinement, service perfection, innovation and development with deep awareness of satisfying and creating customer needs as business core of UTERS. To this end, UTERSpays close attention to development trends of COMPRESSOR FILTER, broadens the social excellence, get extensive cooperation with the parties, attach importance to cultivate excellent corporate culture, actively take social responsibility and share development achievement with all parties inHydraulic Filters . UTERSLubricating oil filterx1dd023ensincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to discuss the study, get cooperation to create brilliant future! More cooperation intention to negotiate, please call the hotline: 0371-58535088, or visit our official website:!
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