Yellow refractory AL2O3 casting thick wall straight ceramic tube

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The yellow refractory AL2O3 casting thick wall straight ceramic tube is suitable for resin sand, sodium silicate sand, precoated sand and some other formative technology.

High quality raw materials and advanced forming process are used to make the thick wall ceramic sprue tube ,which is made of high temperature ,and it is better than ordinary thin-walled ceramic tubes .The tubes are suitable for medium and high end steel casting to do large flow and long time pouring.

Product features:

a . High density.

b . The inner wall is smooth .

c . The thermal shock is good.

d . The resistance is strong.

e . The fire resistance is high.

f . The pressure strength is high.

   It is used for casting high manganese steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, high chromium cast iron, ductile iron, grey iron castings, etc.

1.The high density of the ceramic tube for casting greatly reduces the secondary oxidation of the molten steel in the pouring process, and reduces the inclusion of objects  into the casting body. The inner surface is smooth with small resistance, so the molten steel has fast speed, which can effectively reduce all kinds of resistance ,such as receive gating system for casting, casting sand core and the casting structure itself, which can also reduces thermal cracking cased by heat stress within the castings.

   2.The castable refractory cement of Ceramic pipe for casting has high refractoriness (>1760  ), abrasion resistance, convenient to use, connect the straight pipe, elbow, adapter bonnet, three-branch pipe, five-way pipe and the variable diameter gate with the adhesive tape as you want. When you use the ceramic sprue tube for casting in gating system ,there is no need to use the coating or painting or runner brick  ,and it can reduce cost.

  3. The corrosion resistance of the Ceramic tube for casting is superior to runner brick greatly. The sprue tube also has good chemical stability, it won’t cause chemical reaction with metal liquid(molten steel or molten iron) under high temperature. After pouring, the surface of the pouring channel is smooth, and the pouring process is free of corrosion . Compare with runner brick, sprue tube generate low waste, convenient to clean .It also can improve the utilization rate of the sand, and save time and labor.

  4. The double wall tube has high thermal strength, good thermal plastic. It can effectively prevent sand washing or inclusion , and reduce the defects of the casting sand holes. The thermal expansion coefficient is low, and the shrinkage effect of casting is small , which reduce the cracking phenomenon in gating system.

Item standard

Al2O3 content%




Fe2O content%


Reheating linear change(1400.2h



Apparent porosity% ≤30
Cold crushing strength.Mpa ≥60
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