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micro type mash tun

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Brand: CGET
规格: CG-0.1
Price: Negotiable
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Address: Nationwide
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Updated on: 2019-05-17 08:55
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Company Detail
Mash system mainly includes mash tank and lauter tank. We can support you all kinds of beer equipment with range form 15HL to 50HL, we can also design it according to your request. The main parts of the equipments in this system are made of stainless steel reaching international standard level. With the advanced technology of modern automated plasma, laser cutting line and pure argon gas welding, it can achieve to asepsis. And it can transit heat and save the energy maximally according to steam flowing principle with the applying of dimple plate jacket technology. It keeps the temperature in the surface of equipment as the same to the temperature in the house for applying of the imported polyurethane. The whole equipment and the layout of pipelines look very beautiful without the dead corner. It can be operated easily and has stable function. Besides, there is a special cap on the boiling tank for safety improving the safety and the level of automation. The levelness of the major parts can be adjusted without dropping, leaking, bubbling and steam leaking. All the pipes and valves among the whole equipment are connected by sanitary joint for easy to connect, install, uninstall, move and alter. The gasket among unions adopts food grade material. The pumps are corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant and low oxygen absorbed. Besides, we also support other equipment that are used for producing wort, such as malt mill machine, rice mill machine, heat plate exchanger, wort oxygenator and draining vapor system. Technical parameter of Mashing system two vessels dimension spec Mash tun Lauter tank 15HL Φ1760*H2800 Φ1760*H2800 20HL Φ1960*H2800 Φ1960*H2800 33HL Φ1960*H4000 Φ2600*H4000 50HL Φ2400*H4300 Φ3000*H4300 Remarks: Above is the standard layout of the two vessel mash system of the mini-brewery with annual yield from 1000T to 5000T, we can also design other types and compound mode according to t
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