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The most original cleaning method is to use the broom to broom the dust, but the disadvantage is very obvious. The broom cleaning will raise the dust on the ground and let the dust spread in the furniture or the air, which will cause secondary pollution. Then people start to use the ordinary mop to overcome the dust. The defect, but the traditional mop mopping the floor, you need to bend over and scrub repeatedly, you have to wait for it to dry before you can step on it, cleaning the floor is really tired, but also easy to breed bacteria, children's active areas are limited.
Mop cleaning the ground:Smart modern people invented vacuum cleaners and brooming robots, which can replace the wet mop. However, this kind of electrical appliance can only clean and vacuum the surface of the home floor and objects at this stage, and can not remove the dryness on the ground. Smudged. 

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