Expanded Metal Walkway Grating&Floor&Ramps,Expanded Metal Wire Mesh

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Expanded metal Walkway Grating&Floor&Ramps,Expanded metal Wire Mesh,Rigidity Expanded metal Mesh

Expanded metal Wire Mesh

Rigidity Expanded metal Mesh

Expanded metal grating products are used for a variety of uses such as walkways, catwalks, screens, fencing, window guards, open trash containers, vent covers and many more applications. Peterson Company carries expanded metal in a variety of materials such as aluminum expanded metal, stainless expanded metal, galvanized expanded metal, carbon steel expanded metal, copper expanded metal, brass expanded metal and titanium expanded metal. Product Details A strong and aesthetic solution for walkways and gantries. The Expanded metal DONGJIE’s heavy duty walkway range is an eff¬effective well established product, proven throughout industries where safety underfoot is critical. When lives can depend upon strength and grip, at heights and in hazardous conditions, the Expanded metal Company’s range can be relied upon to satisfy safety requirements. The Expanded metal walkway range is excellent for slopes and heights due to its anti-slip properties. Mesh allows the free ow of water to give natural drainage. Snow,ice and mud break off underfoot to maintain secure footing. The solid appearance of the walkway range gives an excellent aesthetic appeal for design.

Features and Benefits

• Quality Guaranteed ISO 9001: 2008

• Environmental Management

•Technical support available

• Wide choice of standard products

•Available in Stainless Steel, Aluminium& Mild Steel

• Economical solution for all types of walkway and gantry applications

• Tested and measured load bearing capacities

• New Gripwalk for extra anti slip protection

• Supagrip gives _x001D_firm hold for both wheelchairs and footwear

• Option to weld or clip the sheets in situ

• Plasma cutting service for efficient and accurate shaping

• Superb strength to weight ratio

• Low maintenance

Material Specifications

You can choose from a wide range of standard items from gripwalk for extra anti-slip protection or walkway in a range of materials with measured load bearing capacities.

Products in the DONGJIE’s range give a non-slip, economical solution for all types of walkways, stairtreads and gantries.

Aluminium Walkway

Ref No.






% Open Area

Overall Thickness

Standard Manufactured Size









2440 x 1830









Mild Steel Walkway

Material Guidelines

Environmental conditions dictate material requirements:

Galvanised Steel is appropriate for most general conditions

Stainless Steel is required for corrosive environments, eg: Saline and Fish

Farms. It is suitable where extensive cleaning is required. eg: food processing.

Conditions of high humidity and drinkable water are as also require Stainless Steel

Aluminium is suitable when are duction in weight is a consideration. High strength to weight ratio can be achieved

Protective Treatments

Increased life span, improved aesthetics and decreased maintenance can be achieved by additional processing of walkways.

Expanded mesh walkways can be treated in the Following ways;

Mild Steel– Hot dipped galvanising, Painted, Powder Coated

Aluminium–Anodised,Powder Coated

Walkways, Ramps & Flooring

We offer a class leading range of high strength walkway products.  Building on the strength of expanded metal as a platform, our meshes provide superb grip underfoot and offer a highly effective solution for walkway gantries, trailer ramps and stair treads.

High Strength

Our products have been rigidly tested to provide you with complete confidence.  Our panels can be either clipped or welded in situ.


Expanded metal by design offers superb grip and confidence under foot.  For added grip we offer a unique range of products featuring our Gripwalk and Supagrip design, providing additional multi-diretional grip for wheelchair users and most types of footwear.


We can offer our walkway products in a variety of material grades, including aluminum, steel and stainless steel.  We can also provide an expansive range of coatings for added protection and corrosion resistance.

Strength to Weight Ratio

By expanding metal from its solid sheet form additional strength is added.  The uncut knuckles of expanded mesh withstand stress better than welds or joints.  This makes expanded metal an ideal light weighting solution whilst also maintaining strength.


Taking a sample of our mesh and looking through at various angles best illustrates the visual properties of expanded metal meshes.  Favoured by designers and architects for an array of cladding, screening and interior features, our product is available in a wide array of colours, materials and designs.

Highly Efficient

Electricity, magnetic flux and heat can all flow through expanded metal mesh, as there is a continuous connection throughout each sheet.  There are no breaks or welds because the mesh has been formed from a single piece of metal.


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