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Brand: auspicious clouds
amino acid content: 70%
appperance: light yellow
moisture: 5%
Price: 2230.00USD/mt
Min.Order: 1 mt
Supply 100000 mt
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-11-28 09:25
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Company Detail

Our advantages:

1. 100% organic fertilizer, 100% water soluble

2. High amino acid content

3. The only manufacturer in China

4. The best appearance and smell

5. Ready Stock for fast delivery

6. OEM are welcome and best technical support are available !

Brief introduction: 70% Plant based Compound Amino Acids Powder Organic Fertilizer from our factory has organic nitrogen. This fertilizer is the main raw material of amino acid fertilizer ,but also can be directly applied to crops as foliar,irrigation and base fertilizer application. Source of this raw material powder has is from soybean or soybean meal.

1.Quality Specification for 70% Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer:

Product Name70% Compound Amino Acids PowderAppearanceLight yellow powderSolubility100% Water SolubleMoistureless than 3%Content of total amino acidmore than 70% ChlorineNone

2.Main Function of 70% Amino Acids Organic Fertilizer:

2.1,This product can chelate soil nutrients, stimulate root growth, make root of the crop strong and long, and have a high effect and promote a significant yield.

2.2,This product can Improve crop photosynthetic performance, promote photosynthetic products into a significant transfer ,transportatio ,improve crop quality and product performance.

2.3 ,This product can improve micro-domain environments and suppress the occurrence of soil-borne diseases.

2.4,To mix this product with inorganic fertilizer can increase the synergy of nutrients, make the yield increase extremely significant.

2.5,With a long-term application, the compaction of the soil will become loose, and the nutrients-kept and water-retention capacity will also be promoted.

2.6,This product is widely used in organic food base,green base ,and pollution-free ecological food base.


All the crops, vegetables, fruit trees, horticultural flowers, ornamental flowers, tobaccos, etc.


4.1 Proposed dosageStyle of fertilizationDosageSpray1~3KG/acre,800-1000 times dilutionDrip Irrigation4~6kg/acre,200-400 times dilution

4.2 You can mix it with pesticides,which will enhance the function with each other.

4.3 Please spray it at 10am or 4pm so that the plant will have the best absorption.

4.4 Please re-spray if the rain come in 2hours.

5. Package and Storage:

5.1 20KG/BAG, (Kraft bag outside and plastic bag inside), or as customers' requests.

5.2 Please seal it tightly in cool and dry enviroment.


Our other leading products:

1. Compound Amino Acid Powder:

80%, 70%, 65%, 60%, 52%, 45%, 40%, 30%

2. Amino acid Liquid: 30% 40% 50%

3. Amino Acid Chelated Minerals:

Amino Acid Chelated Calcium

Amino Acid Chelated Boron

Amino Acid Chelated Calcium+Boron

Amino Acid Chelated Calcium+Boron+ Magnesium

Amino Acid Chelated Copper

Amino Acid Chelated Iron

Amino Acid Chelated Zinc

Amino Acid Chelated Manganese

Amino Acid Chelated Magnesium

Amino Acid Chelated Potassium

Amino Acid Chelated Molybdenum

Amino Acid Chelated Cobalt

Amino Acid Chelated Sulphur

Amino Acid Chelated phosphorus

Amino Acid Chelated selenium

Amino Acid Chelated TE (Cu+Fe+Zn+Mn+B+Mg)

Amino Acid Chelated Trace Elements according to clients requests

4. We have strong technology team, OEM are available.


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