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  • Changsha Mingxuan Jewelry Co., Ltd..
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   Changsha Mingxuan Jewelry Co., Ltd.. are one of the leading Jewelry manufacturer in China. The introduction of company is following:2. Some people who are used to wearing heavy earrings will find their earballs and earholes elongated over a long period of time. Pendant earrings are found in many ancient and modern places and cultures in the world. In many cultures, there is a habit of piercing new-born girls, which is controversial because it is not a baby's will. Men's ear-piercing is becoming more and more common in modern society. Wear earrings, the origin of earrings, say different. Some people think that it originally originated from the metal earrings used by the northern peoples to marry, but there are two plausible theories. The first is that earrings, the appearance of earrings, is the result of the pursuit of beauty; in addition, it is believed that the earrings and their appearance are the result of the pursuit of beauty. One statement is that the earrings, earrings, were originally intended for medical treatment purposes. The first statement is well understood and self-evident; the second is that from the point of view of modern medicine, it is also reasonable to wear the ear lobe, the ear lobe of the earring, and the point of the eye. It can be seen that the wearing of the earrings, the earrings, the protection of the vision, the prevention and control of the eye disease, in particular the prevention and the treatment of myopia, is of a certain auxiliary effect..Changsha Mingxuan Jewelry Co., Ltd.. has over 10 years experience to export our products to almost all over the world. Our main market is Western Europe, and we still constantly expanding new markets.x3617f5en

With more than dozes of years experience in this industry, Changsha Mingxuan Jewelry Co., Ltd.. knows well how to design and manufacture most suitable products for the market and the users. The company specializes in the production of Jewelry,series of products, series of Jewelry, Earrings and so on, the products are widely used in 服装饰品,鞋帽箱包,珠宝饰品, and other fields. To learn more about the companys services, please consult the hotline: or visit website of company:www.tiftohiu-jewelry.com

   Changsha Mingxuan Jewelry Co., Ltd.. is located in No.1626,Bldg 7,Huayuanhua Center,No.36,Section 2,Xiangjiang Mid Rd,Tianxin Dist, Changsha,Hunan, China, covering an area of over square meters. Transportation is very convenient. Changsha Mingxuan Jewelry Co., Ltd.. has a number of technical staff, including mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and construction technicians and strong construction team. To learn more about the companys services, please call the hotline:, or visit our official website: www.tiftohiu-jewelry.com
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