Application of Plastic Bins

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Plastic Bins, storage equipment, used to store various parts, convenient parts management. Standard colors are red, spring, blue and black; resistant to common acid, alkali and any solvents at 80 degrees Celsius; good moisture-proof performance with water absorption below 0.01%; effective working temperature below 30 degrees Celsius to above 70 degrees Celsius. Polypropylene and polyethylene are synthesized with light weight and long service life.


 Application of Back-mounted Bins

1. Back-mounted Bins is mainly made of polypropylene by injection molding. It has good mechanical strength, light weight, long service life and easy to use.


2. Not only with light shelves, lockers, but also with material finishing racks, workbenches with hanging boards, hanging boards, wall cabinets and other equipment with louvered hanging boards, the use of high toughness, to help you really save space and reduce costs.


Application of Component Box

1. It can be added or replaced arbitrarily from top to bottom. It has flexible application and can be combined into different use space according to the need.


2. All kinds of parts on production line or worktable are classified and neat and beautiful.


3. Storage in warehouse is free of shelves, which saves cost and is convenient for taking goods.

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