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Hydac Hydraulic Oil Element Filter 1263016 0660r005on

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Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
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Updated on: 2019-10-27 10:38
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Company Detail
Factory Hydac Hydraulic Oil Element Filter 1263016 0660R005ON

Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp.,Ltd (Stock code:837936)is specialized in manufacture of filters ,filter equipment,and environment system . Located in Xinxiang City-the center of Filtration in China.Lefilter has superior R & D team, professional technical team,experienced overseas sales team and perfect after-sales service system.We Lefilter people will try our best to satisfy customers' requirements.The develop philosophy of LEFILTER is "To purify environment,To serve society,To manage faithfully and To oyrsye excellence"!What's more,there're advanced production line,test machine and R & D department.They also obtained certification like ISO9001, IQNet & CQM,SGS,CNEX etc.

Hydraulic Solution Oil Filter 1300R005ON
Model Number: 1300R005ON

Nominal filtration rating:1-100um

Application:Electronic and pharmaceutical field;hydraulic system;Petrochemicals;metallurgy

Operating pressure:10-210bar

Filter: Filter

Working temperature: -20-100ºC

Replacement or not: Replacement

 Item name OIL filter element
OEM LEFILTER filter element
Original factory LEFILTER
Material Science Fiber, steel net
Filtration accuracy According to customer requirements
Warranty 1 Years
Payment T/T. Western Union or Transferring.
Quantity Trial order is /confirm/ied. more quantity, better price
Package detail Original package,neutral package or customezied
The scope of our buisness All parts
1300R010BN4HC    TW5L10P3N2B05E;
0240D020BN4HC    TW5L10P6N2B10E;
1253040    TW5L10P3N2B20E;
0060D005BH4HC    TW5L10P6N2B40E;
1700R025W/HC/V    OFU10V2N2B05B
1700R010BN4HC?    OFU10P2N2B03B;
0950R010BN3HC    OFU10P2N2B05B;
1300R010BN3HC    OFU10P2N2B10B;
0660R005BN3HC    OFU10P2N2B20B,
0240R010BN4HC    OFU10P2N2B40B,
1300R050W/HC    OFU10P2N3B03B,
1300R025W/HC    OFU10P2N2B20B
0850R025W/HC    OFU10P2N2B10B?
1300 R 003 BN3HC / -KB?    OFU10P2N3B05B,
0330R010BN4HC    OFU10P2N3B20B,
850R005BN4HC    OFU10P2N3B40B,
0660R005BN4HC    OF7S10P1M1B03E,
0660R010BN4HC    OF7S10P1M1B05E,
0330R010BN4HC    OF7S10P1M1B10E,
0500D05BN4HC    OF7S10P1M1B20E,
1300 R 010 ON    
2600 R 010 ON/-V    OF5L10P3M2B03E,
0060 D 010 BN4HC    OF5L10P3M2B05E,
0330R020BN4HC    OF5L10P3M2B10E,
0160D010BN4HC    OF5L10P3M2B20E,
0330D25W/HC    OF5L10P3M2B40E,
0165R010BN4HC    OFU10P2N2B20B
0660 D BH    OF5L10P6N2B03E,
0660D BN    OF5L10P6N2B05E,
MDF 160 (REXROTH 68713)    OF5L10P6N2B10E,
0500D005H/HC    OF5L10P6N2B20E,
1263017    OF5L10P6N2B40E,
0660r010bn4hc    OF5L10P6N2B05E
0660D005BH4HC/V?    OF5C20P3N2B03C,
0110D010BN3HC    OF5C20P6N2B05C,
0950 D 010 BN4HC    OF5C20P3N2B10C,
1300 R 100 W / HC    OF5C20P6N2B20C,
0500 R 100 W    OF5C20P3N2B40C,
0060D005BH4HC    OF5C21P6N2B03C,
0160D010BN3HC/-V    OF5C21P3N2B05C,
0060D010BH4HC/-V    OF5C21P6N2B10C,
0850R020BN3HC    OF5C21P3N2B20C,
0055D010BN4HC    OF5C21P6N2B40C,
0330r005bn4hc/b6?    OF5C22P3N2B03C,
0330d010bh4hc    OF5C22P6N2B05C,
0660d005bn4hc?    OF5C22P3N2B10C,
0030D020BN3HC    OF5C22P6N2B20C,
0110D020BN4HC/V    OF5C22P3N2B40C,
00600025BN/HC    OF5N10P6M1B20E
0165R003BN3HC    FCM-060-L-M-3B03-C/S5D5-V,
0060D003BH3HC    FCM-100-F-N-3B05-B/S10D4,
2600R025W/HC    FCM-100-K-N-3B20
0800D010BN4HC??????????    FAM-15-M-2-A/1900-015-DM-02-S-Z-1,
0330D010BN4HC    FAM-30-M-1-E/1900-015-DM-02-S-Z-1,
0160 D020 BN3HC    
0250 DN 025 BN4HC    FAM-50-M-2-G/1900-015-DM-02-S-Z-1,
0630RN010BN4HC    FAM-70-M-1-L/1900-015-DM-02-S-Z-1"
0660R010BN4HC    RFD BN/HC 1300 DAP 5 D 1.X/-L24
0660R020BN4HC    RFD BN/HC 1300 DAP 10 D 1.X/-L24
0330R010BN4HC    FCM-100-F-N-3B05-B/S10D4
0330R003BN4HC    RFLD BN/HC661 DAL 10LE1-O/KB
1300R005BN4HC    RFLD BN/HC1300 CAS 20LEIX
2600 R 040 AM/-KB    DFPBH/HC 660 QD20 LEI.X
2600 R 010 BN4AM/-B6    FCM-100-K-N-3B20
2600-R-025-W/HC/-KB    FCM-100-F-N-3B10-B/S10D4
0280d005bh3hc    FCM100FN3B05BS5D5

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