UHMWPE Sewing Thread

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UHMWPE Sewing Thread


1. High strength and modulus. The strength of it is more than ten times that of steel wire with the same section, and the modulus is second only to that of super carbon fiber.

2. Fiber density is 097g / cm3, which is low enough to float on the water surface.

3. Low elongation and strong tension make the sewing thread do well in pinch resistance and cutting resistance.

4. It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, neutron and gamma rays,

5. In low dielectric constant and high electromagnetic wave transmittance.

6. Chemical corrosion resistance, duration, relatively long flexure life.

Density 0.97 ~ 0.98g/cm3
Strength 2.8 ~ 4N / tex
Modulus 91 ~ 140n / tex
Elongation Elongation: 3.5% ~ 37%.
Type 200D/3,400D/3,600D/3,800D/3,1000D/3,etc
Color Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow,etc

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