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Double-Shaft Mixer

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Brand: zymining
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Updated on: 2020-10-12 09:22
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Double shaft mixer is to produce different shapes and sizes of loosing balls with a certain length of mixing shaft to stir raw materials which was added with certain water or liquid binder in “ω” type mixing slot from feeding inlet. The whole mixing space of double shaft mixer can be divided into three areas. These are atomization area, stirring area and unloading material area, which could make materials quickly shifting into the next working procedures under the condition of moisturizing fully and loosing.

Double shaft mixer introduction

JS series double-shaft mixer belongs to a horizontal and continuous mixing equipment. It adopts positive and negative propeller blades to make the material alternately advance in the ω-shaped cylinder body. It has the characteristics of strong mixing ability and continuous uniform feeding and suitable for mixing and humidifying loose materials. It can also be used as a pre-treatment equipment for powder materials and a certain proportion of viscous additives.

Double shaft mixer advantages:

1. Horizontal and continuous mixing to ensure the continuity of the production line;

2. Fully enclosed structure design to get a good working environment, high degree of automation;

3. The transmission part adopts hard-tooth surface reducer, it is compact and simple in structure and easy to maintain.

4. The body is an ω-shaped cylinder, and the blades are distributed at a spiral angle with no dead angle.


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